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Employers Seeking Workers

"The joy of getting a job."

Proven Vocational Services
A growing number of private and public employers actively recruit new workers who have little or no eyesight. In Northeast Ohio, organizations as diverse as InfoCision Management Corporation, the Internal Revenue Service and Marriott Hotels have turned to the Cleveland Sight Center for qualified job candidates. We prepare blind and visually impaired persons for employment in careers of their choice. When one of our clients applies for a job in your firm, they want to work for you and have completed tests that prove their qualifications. Many will have actual work experience and references for you to contact. We are the only vision rehabilitation agency in the United States whose vocational services have been rigorously measured and tested to confirm their effectiveness.  

Studies confirm employees with conditions such as vision loss utilize fewer sick days, achieve longer tenure and demonstrate stronger job loyalty than their sighted co-workers. In addition, federal and state tax benefits are available to organizations that hire disabled persons, financial incentives that we will help you identify.  For more information about potential job candidates, phone 216-791-8118 and ask for Joel Zureick.

Assistive Technologies Enhances Performance
When employers offer jobs to our clients, we continue to provide service. Our assistive technology staff will adapt your company’s technology to minimize the impact of vision loss and teach the specific skills that help candidates achieve success quickly. Our toolbox includes high- and low-tech hardware, software, and internet tools that people who have vision impairements use to access information and achieve productivity. These services are provided from our pioneering Storer Center, founded and supported by James P. Storer, an owner and director of Storer Communications, whose expertise and business acumen was unimpeded by total blindness. For more information about assistive technology, phone 216-791-8118 and ask for Jassen Tawil.

Call Center Employees
Cleveland Sight Center also teaches the specific combination of computer and telephone service skills that produce quality customer service from call center employees. For each call center trainee we design an individual package of assistive technologies that will minimize the impact of their particular vision loss. All trainees receive four weeks of hands-on work experience, which means our graduates have references with whom you can verify performance. For more information about our VRP3 Call Center Training Program, please visit this overview or phone 216-791-8118.

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