Spellbound 2012 Is Great Success

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

From Steve Friedman, President and CEO:

We had a tremendous evening Friday, September 28th.  Spellbound was fun, it was educational, and it ended on time.  We are all still aglow.  To have our summer begin with our historic grand reopening and to end with one of our best Spellbound events – it won’t get much better.  Many thanks to everyone who put in so many long hours – especially to Jill Marcotte, our chair, the Spellbound Committee, and Donna Farr, our manager of events and all of our staff – all worked as hard as they could because they share a passion for our agency.   

Reporters from The Plain Dealer and Currents attended and Channel 8 carried the event on the 10:00 news; congratulations Kent Smith.  Detailed reports to follow, but Spellbound 2012 raised almost $430,000 and our initial estimate is that after expenses we raised over $300,000 for childrens services!  Congratulations and celebration are in order.


We would like feedback about the event.  Please go to our website and let us know what you thought.





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