Picture of mother and daugther.

Parents, Spouses and Children

A Partner Who Cares
Because families of clients are key to the success of rehabilitation, our services are designed to help you meet the challenges and reap the rewards of loved ones achieving their potential and realizing ambitions they once thought impossible because of their vision loss.

We help mothers and fathers with the unexpected emotions of parenting a child who may have little or no vision, as well as other developmental disabilities; husbands and wives with spouses who fear vision loss means welfare lines or sheltered employment; and adult children with parents who are losing their vision, but deny the fact. We organize our services and website information by the age of our clients:

Enjoying Life
Loss of vision doesn’t mean you can’t play golf, bowl, bike, dance, enjoy the theater, join a book club or sail Lake Erie. Click Recreation Programs and be surprised at what’s available.

Self Help Groups
For those with recent vision loss, an excellent source of empathy and practical advice are the members of local self help groups that include blind and visually impaired persons as well as volunteers who meet regularly to share experiences, insights and the special camaraderie of those who have lost vision.

For more information or to start receiving services please call 216-791-8118.

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