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Persons with Little or No Eyesight

Realize Your Potential
Cleveland Sight Center will open doors to expert services that will make you safer, more independent and alleviate anxieties you may be feeling about the loss of your vision. If you retain some sight, no matter how little, we can teach you the skills and give you the visual aids that will be effective and comfortable. Because your family may not understand what you can do by yourself and when you really need help, we teach them how to help you achieve your ambitions, goals they may have thought were unrealistic because of your vision loss. You will also meet new friends who have been exactly where you are today. Cleveland Sight Center is where you can be yourself, part of an extended family whose members are coping every day with blindness and impaired vision.

Does Anyone Understand What I’m Feeling?
Yes. If you have recently lost vision and would like to talk to a person who shares your condition, we will arrange an introduction and a phone call. If you are experiencing a vision loss while working we can help you return to work or explore new employment opportunities.  Are you worried about being able to be independent in your home, we can help. 

If you feel you need more than a phone conversation, you can join a group of individuals who have recently lost sight and meet weekly with a professional who helps each member cope with their loss.

Your best source of support and practical advice may be the members of a local self-help group that includes clients and volunteers who meet regularly to share experience, insights and the special camaraderie of those who have lost vision. They meet in apartment buildings, libraries, churches, temples, and senior centers.

How Do I Start Service?

Simply call 216-791-8118 and ask for “registration.” We can begin services without a completed Eye Report, but with your personal medical information we can focus more precisely on your particular situation. Please ask your eye care professional to visit our website, click on Adult Eye Report, and send us the completed form. After you’ve registered, you will be connected with a professional social worker, a problem solver, who can address your individual needs. There are several services you may want to ask about.

Low Vision Clinic
In our specially equipped clinics, optometrists trained in low vision will evaluate your vision and prescribe specific assistive technology, sometime called “aids and appliances” that may include special glasses, various types of magnifiers, special lighting and other optical tools.
Eye-dea Shop personnel can supply you with low-power magnifiers, a variety of lamps and reading boards, and hundreds of other tools useful for daily living.

Enjoy Life
Losing vision doesn’t mean you can’t play golf, bowl, bike, dance, enjoy the theater, join a book club or take the helm of a yacht and sail Lake Erie. Our recreation programs offer sheer enjoyment and pleasure, but over time they’ll also help you become more comfortable with your vision loss, and more involved with your family, friends and community.  Visit the Enjoy Life through Recreation Calendar - you will be surprised at what’s available.

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