Doing What You Used To Do
We urge anyone over fifty-five who is losing vision to call and tell us what failing eyesight means to you - what is it that you used to do that you can’t do anymore. If it’s reading the newspaper or Bible, playing poker, baking biscuits or watching a show in Playhouse Square, we can teach you how to do what you used to do. If the person seeking out assistance can’t use a phone, we welcome calls from family members or caregivers, but have the person losing vision stay near the phone, so we can speak directly to them as well.

Our specially trained staff understands the fear and anxiety caused by losing vision. Your services will begin when you are assigned to a person whose job it is to link you to the help that you need who you should consider your personal problem-solver when it comes to helping you deal with your vision loss. 

Staying in Your Home With Vision Loss
We can help make that happen. Members of our professional staff who are trained in vision rehabilitation and will teach you daily living skills by visiting you in your home and teaching you how to cook safely, clean, do the laundry, pay bills, manage your address book, and many other skills that will restore your independence.

Maximizing What’s Left of Your Vision

Clients typically visit the low vision clinic in our headquarters in Cleveland’s University Circle, where our optometrists can help you learn how to use your remaining eyesight effectively and comfortably. Our doctors can recommend magnifiers made specifically for people dealing with vision loss and special lighting, both of which will help you use your remaining eyesight better.

Meeting Friends Who Understand

Many persons who have lost or are losing vision treasure the empathy and practical advice they receive from local self-help groups whose members are blind and or have a visual impairment. The groups meet regularly to share experiences, insights, laughter and the special camaraderie of those who deal with vision loss. Your social worker can help you find a group that meets near your home.

A Voice of Experience

Many new clients find that talking on the phone with someone who has gone through what you are going through a helpful experience. We can arrange to have you speak with our trained volunteers in the Share The Vision Program.

If you are anxious, fearful or depressed about your vision loss, you may want or need more than a phone conversation. We can help you join a group whose members have recently lost sight and meet weekly with a professional. You will experience, support, education and insight on how to adjust successfully to vision loss.

Enjoying Life

Persons with little or no vision don’t have to give up playing golf, bowling, biking, dancing, enjoying the theater, joining a book club or sailing Lake Erie. We offer professionally staffed recreation programs for all those activities and more. Ask your social worker about recreation programs. You’ll be surprised at what’s available.

Our number is 216-791-8118; ask for Registration.

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