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Teenagers and Young Adults

What’s Next?
Cleveland Sight Center, in collaboration with the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission, provides services to help parents and their children prepare for the critical years that lead up to and follow graduation from high school. Our program is specifically designed for students from fourteen to twenty-two years old who are blind or visually impaired and who may have additional disabling conditions. We identify and evaluate each students's strengths, interests and readiness to pursue a career or more education, or both. With that knowledge, we then provide the training and experience specifically required to accomplish students’ goals.

Getting An Early Start

The first phase of our service identifies any remaining sight, and how that partial vision can be used effectively and comfortably with various low and high technology aids such as special glasses, magnifiers, special lighting and other optical tools. Various careers are then explored and we evaluate students’ daily living and social skills.

Using that information we then design a program that will develop the skills and provide the experience that allow our clients to prepare simultaneously for several options: a specific job, a career path, or more education after high school. In every case, students learn how to clean, cook, do their own laundry, open and use a bank account, and navigate new neighborhoods. Equally important, our clients acquire the social poise that allows them to explain their vision loss to others and ask for help, when and if they need it.

We work closely with you and your school district to ensure that our services implement and enrich your student’s Individualized Education Plan. The breadth and quality of our transition services offer resources that supplement those provided by your school district.

A Unique Summer
In addition to our ongoing services, each summer we offer "Fundamentals for Success," a 5 week, residential full-day program of “pre-employment readiness training,” where clients spend a half-day learning skills that prepare them for the work place, and half the day at an internship that gives them actual work experience; in past years internships have included work with the Cleveland Indians and at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Students also prepare their own meals in apartments that are located in our headquarters in Cleveland’s University Circle. We have helped scores of teenagers get their first summer job and feel the confidence that comes with a paycheck.
Click here to download the "Fundamentals for Success" flyer! 

A Friendly Partner

Because coordinating the many excellent resources can be an intimidating process, we will assign you a Case Manager, who’s an experienced problem-solver. If you have questions, please call Sylvia Snyder at 216-658-8777.

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