About Employment Services

Cleveland Sight Center's Employment Services department is focused solely on the employment of individuals with disabilities and establishing partnerships with companies looking for skilled and motivated workers. We establish collaborative relationships with employers to learn about your workforce culture and hiring needs.


RHONDA HILLS, Customer Service Representative

Rhonda Hills at her desk in the call center.One of the Cleveland Sight Center’s success stories is Rhonda Hills, who began her journey with the agency in the early 2000s to obtain eye care services due to a vision impairment. With her loss of vision and her love for reading books, it was suggested she receive talking books from the Ohio Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Rhonda also received services from one of CSC’s social workers, receiving training on how to use a white cane and magnifiers for reading. Rhonda’s journey was just beginning – as she began to receive computer training to brush up on her Microsoft Office skills, Rhonda decided she wanted to return to work after being out of work since 2014. From there, Rhonda was referred to CSC’s Employment Services department to work with an employment specialist to assist her with her job search in finding a customer service position. During her job search Rhonda gained skills in interviewing, how to update her resume and how to create her 30 second commercial in order to gain confidence on selling herself to employers. She attended job fairs and interview sessions, and both she and the employment specialist conducted internet searches to apply for various customer services positons. Rhonda found a work-at-home call center position, but the company didn’t know that Rhonda needed screen magnifying software to read a computer screen, so she was released; however, the right fit was discovered at Cleveland Sight Center’s Call Center where Rhonda takes inbound calls for the Office of the Secretary of State Frank LaRose with the use of screen magnifying software. Rhonda just celebrated her one year anniversary in April and has received several job accommodations and accolades from customers on her excellent customer service skills during her tenure at Cleveland Sight Center.