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Welcome to the Eyedea Shop!

CSC's Eyedea Shop has quality and helpful products for purchase that make daily life easier for people who have low vision, vision loss, or blindness. We offer Ohio's largest selection of items to assist in daily living.

The Eyedea Shop is open to the public Monday - Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 p.m.

COVID-19 Precautions

When arriving at Cleveland Sight Center, please enter through the main doors and check in at the security desk. They will direct you to the Eyedea Shop, as only 4 individuals are allowed in the shop at one time. Please remember, masks are required in the CSC building. If you don’t have one, staff at the security desk will supply you with one.

As a reminder, we are still encouraging phone and online orders when possible. Curbside pickup will be available during business hours. Please call 216-658-4666 to place an order or pick up your order. Thank you!

Eyedea Shop staff

Contact Us

(216) 791-8118 or toll free (877) 776-9563 and ask for the Eyedea Shop. If we do not answer the telephone, we are busy helping customers in the store. However, your call is important to us. Please leave a message and an associate will return your call within 24 hours.


You can call and request a catalog or visit our online store by clicking here.

Products for Living Well with Vision Loss

Household Items

The Eyedea Shop offers a wide variety of household items to help maintain one’s independence in all areas of the home. Some kitchen items the store carries include: talking timers, double spatulas, liquid level indicators (device that lets you know when the liquid has reached the top of your cup) and long 17-inch oven mitts to name a few of the more popular items. We also have talking weight scales, talking medical thermometers, labeling devices and talking color detectors for your clothing. If there is an item you are looking for that we do not carry, the Eyedea Shop can place special orders.


As we age, even healthy eyes become more sensitive to glare - they require higher contrasts to see than they did when we were younger, as well as higher illumination levels. The need for higher light levels also means that control of sources of light is especially important. The main type of lighting featured in the Eyedea Shop is called Ott Lites. This type of lighting was created by a photobiologist named Dr. John Nash Ott who explored the importance of natural daylight. The bulb he created is a full spectrum bulb which simulates this natural daylight. There are a variety of styles ranging from a portable, rechargeable lights to desk lights and floor lights.


At the Eyedea Shop, we offer a wide variety of magnifiers including pendant magnifiers, page magnifiers, hands free magnification, non-illuminated hand held magnifiers as well as the more popular illuminated hand held and stand magnifiers. As many eye conditions benefit from a good light source, the lighted magnifiers have a bright LED bulb which provides beneficial light directly to what is being read or viewed. Magnifiers are strength specific to the individual. They begin at a 3x (magnifies the print 3 times) and go to 14x. As magnifiers become stronger, however, the lens of the magnifier becomes smaller. It is always best to come into the store to see what strength best suits the user.

White Canes - "The Clevelander"

Cleveland Sight Center is your go-to resource for white canes and training to properly and safely use them. The white cane is a valuable navigational device for people who are blind or low vision that provides tactual and auditory feedback, obstacle detection and identification in public if used properly. LEARN MORE.

CCTVs/Reading Machines

A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), commonly referred to as a “Reading Machine”, is an electronic magnification device that displays the camera view on a monitor (TV screen). It’s important to work with a professional who can help you select the proper reading machine, matching your needs and abilities to the features of the machine that will provide the greatest benefit. There are many benefits to using a reading machine, including:

  • Magnifying the size of words, pictures or live views with a general range of 1.9x 124x (magnification dependent on monitor size)
  • Monitor screen size allows for more words to be displayed at one time for a more fluid reading opportunity versus a hand magnifier
  • Multiple color options and brightness contrast can be adjusted for optimal viewing for an individual’s needs and light sensitivity
  • Ability to write, view collections and do other hand work with a reading machine gives the user a better quality of life and independence
  • A moveable XY Table is standard on some units, giving a person more control to navigate the reading material under the camera more easily