Cleveland Sight Center Leadership

CSC offers an experienced and knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to improving the livelihood of Northeast Ohio residents who are blind or have low vision. The staff and clients collaborate together to ensure that all offerings and services satisfy the needs of clients.

Key Leadership:

Lawrence E. Benders, President and Chief Executive Officer

Kevin R. Krencisz, CPA, MBA, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Charlotte Fornal, CPA, MAFIS, Controller

Steven Frohwerk, MBA, MSA, Director of Marketing, Communications and Special Events

Chris Gruber, Director of Facilities & Transportation Services

Marcia R. Houston, Manager of Board Relations

Susie Meles, Director of Empowerment - Rehabilitation Services

Jassen Tawil, MNO, Director of Business Development and Customer Success

Ali Thomas, PHR, Director of Human Resources

Judith Weyburne, Director of Client Planning and Employment