Volunteers are the core of Cleveland Sight Center (CSC). CSC is committed to providing volunteers with a valuable and enjoyable experience in exchange for your time and dedication to our mission.

To become a CSC volunteer, individuals apply for specific volunteer opportunities listed on our volunteer opportunities page.

We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities! Some volunteers might record a textbook for a college student who is blind, narrate the details of a live theater performance or convert a restaurant menu to Braille. Our Volunteer Manager matches volunteers’ interests and skills with the specific needs of our clients and programs. For questions about volunteering with CSC please contact  the volunteer office at 216-658-4581 or at mbresnahan@clevelandsightcenter.org.  

How to Apply

1. View the current volunteer opportunities.

  • You must be 16 years of age or older to apply.
  • Successful completion of background check is required for all volunteers.

2. Click here to apply.

3. Participate in a brief placement interview.

4. Download and complete the following application forms:

5. Attend a volunteer orientation at Cleveland Sight Center. Please bring application forms (from Step 4) with you to the volunteer orientation. Volunteer orientations are (often) held twice per month.

For more information, please contact Melissa via email mbresnahan@clevelandsightcenter.org or at 216-791-8118.

Volunteer Extraordinaire

At this year's Annual Meeting, CSC recognized Volunteer Mike Musgrave as this year's Partner for Life Award recipient. Mike has contributed 510 volunteer hours, the equivalent of 64 eight-hour work days; he is passionate, active, engaged and has a continued desire to learn; he is dedicated to Cleveland Sight Center; that is just a glimpse of the immeasurable impact volunteer Mike Musgrave made at CSC just during Fiscal Year 2015. Always in high demand, Mike spends his time reading to preschoolers, assisting the adult literacy program, serving as an ambassador at community and speaking engagements…the list is endless for this versatile volunteer. Thank you Mike! We appreciate all your incredible efforts!


   Mike Musgrave receiving his award from CSC President Larry Benders.                       A close-up of Mike's Partner for Life Award from CSC.