Call Center

A Quality Call Begins with Quality People

CSC’s Call Center launched in 2010 to provide call center services to Ohio’s government agencies. Excellent service delivery propelled rapid growth. The Call Center now has a workforce of 70 representatives with all abilities. Over 500,000 calls and 50,000 emails are handled each year with measurably excellent levels of customer service.

A female call center agent smiling at her desk.

The Call Center has excelled at helping government agencies improve customer service to their constituents while providing meaningful training and employment opportunities for people who are blind or have low vision. Contracting with Cleveland Sight Center allows persons who are blind or have disabilities find meaningful, competitive employment. People with disabilities have a high unemployment rate (more than 70%) despite the fact they have capabilities that are extremely valuable in the workplace. Contracting with CSC allows government agencies to comply with Federal Javitz-Wagner O'Day Act and the Ohio Office of Procurement provisions and allows private business to increase diversity and improve affirmative action reporting.


We approach each customer with the goal to provide service that exceeds expectation by learning your business need, obtaining the best-in-class infrastructure to meet your requirements, developing customized training for associates that allows them to enthusiastically handle your products, and continuously monitoring services for excellence in delivery. 


Our solutions are tailored to meet Federal, State and Local government, as well as private industry contact center service and staffing needs. Partners rely on us to provide excellent services today and advise them on solutions for tomorrow.  


Our success is determined by the satisfaction of our customers. Our Government and private industry partners consider us an invaluable resource to meet their requirements.  

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Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose recently said this about the work CSC’s Call Center has done for his office and those conducting business in the state of Ohio. 

“Good customer service is essential to our office. Today I had a chance to meet some of the professionals who make that happen. Cleveland Sight Center allows [individuals of all abilities the opportunity] to find meaningful, competitive employment. They do an outstanding job!”