Relevant Articles

Enhanced research and ever-changing technology contribute to an improved understanding of visual impairments and their treatment. Below are recent findings that impact Cleveland Sight Center and its clients.

Belkin Vision, An Israeli Startup, Will Offer Fast, Non Invasive Treatment For Glaucoma

This non-invasive laser treatment is in clinical trials, but doesn’t take any specialized skill for eyecare professionals to deliver treatment that only takes minutes. Read more.

Prolonged screen exposure may cause ocular surface symptoms in children

“Due to the changing lifestyle, children of developing age are more at risk for the development of ocular symptoms caused by increasing screen exposure.” Read more.

Researchers develop tests to assess everyday visual function

They found that while people with AMD were slower in performing the different tasks compared to a control group with healthy vision, there was no significant difference in accuracy. “Overall that means that people with AMD will take longer to find that box of cereal on the shelf, but they can find it.” Read more.