School Aged Services

Cleveland Sight Center assists families by providing case management support throughout their child’s educational experience by:

  • Communicating and collaborating with school district professionals to ensure that the child’s vision needs are addressed and they have the services and/or tools they need to access their education.
  • Attending school-related meetings such as the Educational Team Report (ETR) and/or the Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting.
  • Guiding families through the special education process as the needs of their child change over time.

Please call 216-791-8118 or email for more information.

image of a client walking with their white cane

Additional Programming:

  • Preschool Summer Session (ages 3-5): summer fun and education through field trips, play, sports, art, music and more.
  • Summer Youth Work Experience (ages 16-21): summer work experience with the support of a job coach.
  • Pre-Employment Transitional Services (ages 14-21): job exploration counseling, instruction in self-advocacy, work-based learning and postsecondary opportunities.
  • Opportunities in response to changing needs: clinic exams, recreation and socialization activities, parent education opportunities, agency social events, community resources and more!

Additional Resources: