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An eye care specialist uses a phoropter in a low vision exam.

In March 2023, our reimagined Clinic and Store opened to serve Cleveland Sight Center clients and the community. The integrated space is now a one-stop shop to meet with an optometrist for a low vision exam, visit the Store for assistive technology and see an occupational therapist to learn how to incorporate these tools into daily routines. This connected service space allows us to provide a seamless, holistic and accessible experience for guests of all ages during their visit.

"The new Store and Clinic renovation is absolutely beautiful!” said Barb Piascik, Store Manager. “Now that the spaces are combined, I see family members shopping and learning more about assistive technology while the client is being examined by our doctors."

Cleveland Sight Center’s optometrists perform low vision evaluations, not standard eye exams. This allows CSC to work directly with patients to determine which low vision aids and techniques will maximize their remaining vision. After the low vision exam, Occupational Therapists on staff teach clients how to incorporate these aids and techniques into their daily routines to improve their quality of life. Opticians are also able to assist you with any of your glasses needs (outside prescriptions are accepted). 

 Most patients are also under the care of an Ophthalmologist for the eye disease that caused their vision loss. Our clinic receives referrals from over 130 ophthalmologists and optometrists in the greater Cleveland area for our Low Vision Consultations. This ensures the patient receives comprehensive vision care.

An eye care specialist has a patient look through a medical device to test her vision.

The Clinic appointment focuses on improving the patient’s ability to function, remain independent and improve their quality of life despite having a vision impairment. The doctor will assess the patient’s specific goals and needs, and then look for solutions to enable them to use their remaining vision more effectively or target other resources to compensate for these challenges. This appointment is not to diagnose medical ocular conditions, and patients will not be given dilating drops.

As a patient, the best way to make the most of your time in the clinic is to come prepared to discuss which specific activities vision loss prevents you from doing. Then bring samples of these items to your appointment. For example, if you are having difficulty with quilting projects, reading magazines or a favorite book, please bring them with you.

Have you visited our renovated Clinic yet? Get familiar with the space by watching this video tour, then make an appointment by calling 216-658-4685. We hope to see you soon!

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