Blog: An interview with Dr. Schloss

An eye doctor looks at a patient who is reading an eye chart in CSC's clinic.

This month’s blog features an interview with Clinic Manager, Dr. Schloss! She’s worked in Cleveland Sight Center's Clinic for years, and shares what makes CSC unique by answering questions potential patients may have.

Why is it a good idea for patients to come to Cleveland Sight Center?

Actually, it's a great idea! I know a lot of patients are often a little disappointed when medicine or surgery aren't able to 100% restore their vision. A lot of times, they feel there's nothing else and no other avenues for them. A referral to Cleveland Sight Center connects people with programs and services they didn’t know were available to them. I think it helps restore their hope that they can still remain independent and enjoy their lives with the vision they have. 

When should patients come to Cleveland Sight Center?

It doesn't really matter what stage of a disease somebody's in, if they're talking about how they feel limited, or they aren't able to do what they need to do, it is time to come to Cleveland Sight Center. It doesn't necessarily matter what the numbers say. If an individual feels like they can't live their life the best they can, CSC is here to help.

What makes our clinic different?

What we have here is a multi-plan, multiple disciplinary approach. Not only do we have optometrists on staff, we offer vision rehabilitation, case management, employment services, children’s services and even have a store on site! Having all that support in one place is unique.

What is the impact of our clinic?

It impacts their lives! Patients are just so happy that we create the space where they can be listened to and heard. Our goal is to help them improve their lives and maintain their independence.