Meet Allan

If Allan Wylie isn’t on your radar yet, he should be! After a whirlwind of media attention, Allan is now the subject of a CSC feature story! From ABC News,, The Athletic and sports podcasts, Allan is rightfully getting the star treatment.

The 17-year-old is a senior at Westlake High School, and is currently deciding which college he wants to attend. It’s a goal of his to attend a four-year college to get a degree in journalism or broadcasting. After that, he’d like to be a full-time analyst for a radio show, or in sports media.

Allan had an interest in sports at a young age, and knew a career in broadcasting was his goal at age 11. Since then, he’s participated in TV production classes, sports broadcasting camps and was a color commentator for Westlake High School’s football team. He even called a Cleveland Charge (NBA G League team associated with the Cleveland Cavaliers) game!

Allan first got involved with CSC through the Summer Youth Work Experience Program. This program connects students with work experience during their summer break for five weeks. CSC employment specialists find places for the students to work based on their interests, and then provide job coaching, on the job support and low vision evaluations.

Allan’s goal was to find a job placement that aligned with his interests and career goals in sports broadcasting.

Michael Brown, Allan’s Employment Specialist, connected Allan with the Eastlake-based Lake County Captains, a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Cleveland Guardians.  

“If it wasn't for Cleveland Sight Center, we wouldn't even be at Lake County Captains,” said Scott, Allan’s dad. “We said what Allan’s dream was, then Cleveland Sight Center took it from there and found an organization that could make that dream come true.”

Sometimes you just need an extra person advocating for you to help you reach your goals and that is exactly what CSC is here to do!

Allan sits in the Lake County Captains' press box next to a coworker, and focuses on the game.

Allan knew CSC would be supportive, but the level of support exceeded his family’s expectations.

“Hearing how much they care about me, constantly, is really what exceeded my expectations.” Allan said.

One of Cleveland Sight Center’s goals is to educate the community about the abilities of the blind and visually impaired community - they can do anything a sighted person can. Allan is the perfect example of this. With the right tools and support, Allan became a color commentator for a minor league team at 17-years-old – a rare accomplishment for someone with or without a visual impairment!

Allan has a bright future, and we hope he remembers us when he’s famous!

He said his time working with CSC’s Employment Services department prepared him to “keep kicking the door down.”

We look forward to watching him succeed and continue to kick the door down.