Meet the Campbell Family

Elizabeth and Keith Campbell were first introduced to Early Intervention (EI) Services at Cleveland Sight Center a few weeks after their now 1-year-old son, Jameson, was born in 2022 and diagnosed with Peters Anomaly – a rare congenital disorder resulting in blindness in his right eye.

All five members of the Campbell family pose for a picture together while wearing matching White Cane Walk t-shirts.

Upon learning of Jameson’s diagnosis soon after birth, Keith and Elizabeth were nervous for the challenges to come in Jameson’s development.

“The gut feeling you get when a doctor mentions the words vision issues, made me instantly have thousands of thoughts of what’s wrong,” Keith said.

Since Jameson began his journey with CSC, Kim Wayne, Early Intervention Specialist, has walked alongside and partnered with the Campbell family to provide targeted interventions to help Jameson achieve age-appropriate milestones. She recommended various tools and activities including learning instruments for Jameson to play with to strengthen and focus on his right-side motor skills, and incorporating a black placemat to increase contrast to assist with recognizing and grabbing food.

Keith and Elizabeth describe the impact Kim and CSC has had on Jameson’s development:

“From the first time that we met Miss Kim, we felt comforted by her words and knew that this path would be better walked one day at a time with her and the support of the Sight Center. She introduced us to numerous activities to practice with Jameson that we would have never thought of.”

As Jameson progresses in his development, Elizabeth and Keith recognize his next milestone will be beginning to walk while using his available visual depth perception. Despite the challenges that may arise, Jameson’s family feels prepared to guide him with the right tools and resources as he accomplishes any milestone.

“Having this center and Miss Kim makes us feel like we are walking this journey together, prepared, ready and not alone for the many hurdles that are yet to come. I know Jameson will be able to throw the baseball with his brothers now and ride a bike and balance on his own. And one day, he’ll be a great example to get through any obstacles that's in front of him because we're better and more prepared parents now because of this wonderful facility called the Sight Center.”