Meet David

David smiles as he works on fixing a white cane.

At Cleveland Sight Center (CSC), volunteers make such a big difference in how we work toward our mission. We couldn’t do it without them! One of our volunteer MVPs is David Deucher. As a former pharmacist and high school math teacher, he brings a unique skill set to CSC. His first teaching assignment was at John Hay High School, a neighbor of CSC in the University Circle neighborhood. While working at John Hay, he knew of CSC and where it was, but didn't know what all it entailed.

After looking at CSC’s volunteer opportunities, he saw an opening to help teach the adult education class. As a retired teacher, he felt he’d be a great fit. As Tutor Assistant for the GED classroom, he helps the students either read what's on the page or helps them with fill-in-the-blank questions.

“It's great to help the students and have them move on,” David shares. “In this age range, from younger people to people my age, they just want to come back and finish that high school diploma that they've wanted forever.”

After spending time in the classroom, David noticed a few of the students had white canes that needed fixing. After getting a lesson from another volunteer who is dear to CSC who used to repair the white canes, Mr. Kihm, David took over that role as well.

David shows how the new white cane holder he made can hold several white canes at a time.

When he repairs white canes, David does everything from adding new tape and handles, reconditioning new elastic and also restringing the canes. His goal is to make them usable again because he understands not everyone can afford to keep replacing their canes.

“I enjoy making something for somebody, and hopefully they can use it,” David says.

David is taking his enjoyment for fixing white canes to the next level. Soon, he’ll be repairing braillers (a typewriter for braille) too! David will attend training at Perkins School for the Blind in Boston to learn how to fix braillers. The CSC community truly appreciates everything he does, and all the ways he goes above and beyond. CSC is so lucky to have him as a part of the volunteer team!

“I just feel a part of Cleveland Sight Center,” David said. “It's a really good feeling to feel a part of something."

Are you ready to experience the feel-good feeling you can only get from volunteering your time and talents? When deciding on a place to volunteer, David advises people to access what they’re passionate about and decide if they’re volunteering for the people or things to do. For him, the contact with people is the most important.

“I’ve volunteered at other places,” David said. “You’re a volunteer. You come in, you do wherever it is, most of the people there would ignore you, and then you go home. But coming in here, I collaborate with Jackie, she's always very, extremely thankful for what I do.”

 It’s through this collaboration that he feels valued working with CSC’s clients and staff.

“They're very welcoming and very appreciative of what I'm doing,” David said. “I feel very appreciated, and that keeps me coming back.”

To begin your own volunteer experience with Cleveland Sight Center, check out the volunteer page on our website and submit a volunteer application. Our volunteer services department will contact you from there!