Meet Kaylee

With her new purple glasses, Kaylee’s unstoppable. Ever since she was a baby with severe obstructive hydrocephalus, Cleveland Sight Center has been a part of Kaylee’s life. Even while she underwent groundbreaking surgeries (earning coverage on national news outlets like the Today Show), CSC has been there for Kaylee and her family. Now, as she works with a team of speech, occupational and physical therapists, Kaylee is 8 years old and ready to take on the world! But first, it’s time for school, which both Kaylee and Mom, Darlene are prepared for, thanks to CSC.Kaylee gives a big smile to the camera

“She definitely wouldn't be where she is today if she didn't have Cleveland Sight Center's help,” Darlene said.

From Early Intervention to Preschool and getting glasses, Kaylee and her family have made use of several resources CSC offers.

 Darlene has nothing but praise for CSC’s preschool.

“That was the best decision we ever did, to send her there,” Darlene said. “It literally changed her life 100% for the better. It improved her life! I'm getting goosebumps, just thinking how she was before and then after she graduated.”

When Kaylee started preschool, she couldn't walk or crawl, so she couldn't get around. As far as movement goes, Kaylee rolled around because she was still new to using her body after a major surgery. Now, she can walk in and out of pools! Darlene believes that CSC’s orientation and mobility instructor Keith had a big role Kaylee’s current mobility.

“Keith is an angel,” said Darlene. “I don't know how he does what he does, but he gave Kaylee so much confidence when it came to walking up and down steps.”

In addition to gaining confidence in moving around independently and safely in preschool, Kaylee also made friends!

“When you have a child with disabilities, it's hard to make friends,” said Darlene. “When you have a friend who also has a disability, it's nice. It's like a relief.”

What’s also a relief? Glasses that fit and are strong enough to compliment Kaylee’s lifestyle!

​“Having a good pair of glasses makes a really big difference with everything,” Darlene explains. “Walking, even looking at stuff, seeing shapes and colors… it makes a big difference! I feel like she can get around confidently with her glasses.”

Kaylee sits in an accessible swing on a playground, and is smiling while wearing her new purple glasses.

Darlene and Kaylee received Kaylee’s glasses from the empowerment fund. If it weren’t for CSC’s financial assistance program, they would not be able to afford the heavy-duty glasses needed for Kaylee.

CSC’s clinic sells eye glasses, and has an optician ready to help shoppers of all ages get the right frames and lenses they need. Tony, CSC’s optician in the clinic is thorough and makes sure to get the correct measurements and ensure a proper fit.

“He's gifted, he truly has a gift!” Darlene says of Tony, “He was very patient with her. He waited for her to get done feeling uncomfortable. It was nice that he took the time and had the patience to wait a couple seconds just to let her chill. Then we got it!”

The next time Kaylee needs glasses, or Darlene has questions, Cleveland Sight Center will be there for them.

“It's like family,” Darlene said.