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Active Lifestyles

Golf. Sailing. Tandem Bike. Line Dancing. Arts. Book Discussion...

Living with a vision loss does not mean having to stop favorite activities of leisure and recreation. In fact, just the opposite is true - including social and recreation events in rehabilitation and training enhances the learning experience and ability to achieve your goals. We offer a wide range of recreation opportunities designed to create access to events and activities for a high quality of life and that assist in the journey towards independence and which, coupled with our other services, makes us one of the most comprehensive service providers in the country.


For the physically active our year round activities will utilize your developing mobility and travel skills while you meet others with the same interests. Join us for golf, sailing, tandem bicycling, cross country skiing,  line dancing, and ball room dancing, among other activities.

Clients in mobility, counseling, vocational, and employment programs experience great benefits to being on a team, taking instructions from a coach, moving about a different environment, as well as develop confidence and learn that their vision loss does not limit their opportunity to remain independent and enjoy life.


Challenge your mind and develop new ways to approach your leisure time with activities such as Learning Braille, Book Discussion, Music Study Groups a partner program with The Cleveland Orchestra,  Crochet Club, Braille Notes Choir, audio described theater, and Sculpture. Participation in these activities will provide a support network to help you maximize your participation in areas of your personal interest.

Your self-reliance will improve as you meet new people living with similar challenges as yours. You will discover that your vision loss will not limit your capacity for a rich and fulfilled life, and you will develop fine motor skills that will also help you with learning to read braille, and other skills taught for independence at home or in the office.


Social skills are the #1 barrier for people with blindness or low vision to achieve independence and employment. Once a month we offer a Social Club activity Cleveland Sight Center, and have three other community based Social Clubs during the year. Come and meet new friends and people who can be a part of your journey, and learn of the many opportunities available to you.  

How We Do it - Our Wonderful Volunteers and Partners

Cleveland Sight Center staff could not provide our Socialization and Recreation without the help of our many volunteers - many of whom are clients of the agency - and partners that include The Cleveland Orchestra, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Delta Gamma Alumni Associations, Garfield United Methodist Church, Northern Ohio Golf Association, other agency departments, and the others in the community who support our efforts to empower people with their time and donations.


For more information about our active lifestyle activities, please call 216-791-8118 and ask for Jeri Rask.  She will help you keep busy. Click here for our Recreation Calendar

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