Meet Joyce

Growing up, my mom told me the phrase “I can’t” should not be in my vocabulary. But, as a child with limited vision, and eventually no vision, I faced many barriers that lowered my self-confidence and made it difficult to imagine all of the things “I can” accomplish.

Then, I found Cleveland Sight Center.

It was during a white-out Cleveland blizzard that I had my first orientation and mobility lesson. When I protested, my instructor, Steve, jokingly said, “You can’t see the blizzard anyway!” So, off we went.

I saw that Steve believed in me, and I started believing in myself, too.

Orientation and mobility training gave me a new lease on life. It taught me how to safely and independently navigate my environment by using my white cane and other senses. I learned how to not only listen for traffic but hear the traffic light change.

I finally believed in what my mom always said. Because of Cleveland Sight Center, “I can’t” was no longer in my vocabulary.

I am here today as Dr. Joyce Neal.

Cleveland Sight Center gave me the hope, confidence and access to resources I needed to move forward with achieving my dreams of getting an education and a full-time job. They showed me compassion. They believed in me, cheered me on and told me I could do it. And I did.

So, thank you. Donor support is what made my journey, believing in myself and achieving my dreams possible.

-Dr. Joyce Neal

Joyce received many services and assistive technology tools from Cleveland Sight Center that helped her live life to the fullest. The following were all integral to her success:

$50 provides the kitchen tools that help someone cook safely in their home

$100 provides a client an initial hour of white cane training

$500 provides a full course on how to use a computer with screen-reading and zoom text technology

$1,000 provides a complete course on orientation and mobility training

Will you help someone like Joyce receive access to the same life-changing services and tools?

We can make a difference together.

We need your support to not only continue to offer essential services like orientation and mobility but meet the rising demand. By 2050, The World Health Organization expects the number of people with vision impairments to double.

With your help, we will be here to show them that, just like Joyce, they can still achieve their dreams.