Meet Romaine: A Superhero

Romaine swinging on the swing with a cape on

It is 10:30am and the Bright Futures Preschool class heads outside. Romaine is beaming with excitement. He hops on his tricycle and zooms around the cement path that outlines Cleveland Sight Center’s playground. He laughs and hollers as he feels the wind blowing in his face.

Ms. Jennifer, a certified Teacher of the Visually Impaired, guides Romaine with her voice as she claps her hands so he can follow the sounds to ensure he stays safely on the path.

When Romaine was unexpectedly born blind, his family was shocked and didn’t know what his future would look like. They would have never expected he would ride a tricycle so fearlessly.

However, once they connected with Cleveland Sight Center, they learned he could do anything a sighted person can – just with a different approach. They worked diligently with our specialized staff to learn and put into practice the best ways to help Romaine excel. Romaine is now an energetic and ambitious kindergartener. He knows that the way he has to do things might be a little different, but he embraces it. When he bumps into the fence on his tricycle, he gets right back up. He does not let blindness or any obstacles stop him.

But, Romaine’s journey has just begun. At 5 years old, he has so much more to learn and many more challenges ahead of him. We know that together, we can ensure that he, and all of our 
children and adult clients,
will always find a way to get back up.

Your support will guarantee that our clients can learn braille, advocate for themselves in school and work, and always have a community of people that embrace their differences.

Together, we can help Romaine, and thousands of our clients, enjoy all that life has to offer.

With your support, Romaine will one day ride a big boy bike, feeling the wind blowing in his face.

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