Opening The Door...

Cleveland Sight Center is so special to me….

                …. And I want you to know why.

My name is Sheila Mino and my vision started changing over 20 years ago.

It began with mild distortion. Occasionally, a line or number that should be straight would appear wavy or blurred. The distortion was identified as early on-set macular degeneration. That was when the first door closed.

Then, in 2008, my vision loss became more evident when I was driving down a divided highway and the oncoming traffic looked like it was coming directly at me - into the center of my vehicle! Another door closed.

After that, I lost some 3D perception and the ability to discern navy blue, black and brown. Adjusting to varying light was hard and painful. More doors closed.

Then, Cleveland Sight Center came into my life when I was referred by my eye doctor (optometrist) in November of 2017.

I began with Transitional Life Counseling where I learned tips and tricks to help me complete daily tasks like using the microwave, oven or washer and dryer. I began to re-gain my independence. A door began to open.

Following that, Erin St. Denis, Occupational Therapist, came to my house to follow up within my personal environment. I could once again navigate my home safely and comfortably. Another door opened.

I was also trained to use different assistive technology tools and devices like the CCTV, which gave me the ability to read small print items again. Another door opened.

And they continue to open. I can now use my remaining vision to its full potential. 

I don’t know what I would do without Cleveland Sight Center. They know how to respond to my needs and they are able to give me the confidence to adjust to those changes. They helped me open the door to a future without fear. I can now continue my journey with the confidence and tools I need to go about my daily routine.

You can help open the door for others. Your generosity will directly impact people like me in their journey to learning new skills and accessing specific tools, technologies and resources that will lead them to a life of empowerment and greater independence.  You will make a difference.

Please make your gift today.


Sheila Mino

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