Community Corner

Whether your involvement with CSC's Volunteer Team is big or small, we want to hear from you! From your fondest stories and memories to lessons learned, fun anecdotes, kudos, or ideas and suggestions, Community Corner is here for you as a tool to share your thoughts and experiences.

To leave a message in Community Corner please email us. A member of the volunteer team will review the request and determine any next steps. Please note that Community Corner is here as a tool to support communication and connection in our community. If you have an emergency or situation that requires immediate assistance, please directly contact our Volunteer Team or CSC’s main office using the information found at the bottom of this page.

Past Community Corner Examples:

“It would be great if CSC volunteers had a way to nominate one another for the Volunteer Spotlight!” – Sandy H.

"I am so happy to be volunteering with you guys. Through conducting the surveys, I can tell CSC seriously makes changes in the lives of clients." – Nikita V.

“I’d love to have a chance to meet other volunteers at CSC.” -Anoushka G.

“I was so glad to be part of the Sing it Out event on Thursday! I've been listening to some of those songs I learned on repeat ever since! It's always nice to share music with people. " -Anusha M.

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To contact CSC’s Volunteer Team directly:

Melissa Mauk

CSC Main Office