Low Vision Eye Exams

What to Expect from your Clinic Appointment:

Your appointment will be focused on improving your ability to function, remain independent and improve your quality of life despite having a vision impairment. The doctor will assess your specific goals and needs, and then look for solutions to enable you to use your remaining vision more effectively or target other resources to compensate for these challenges. This appointment is not to diagnose medical ocular conditions. You will not be given dilating drops.

Vision deficits will be carefully evaluated:

  • best corrected visual acuity
  • peripheral vision deficits
  • visual distortion and blur
  • contrast sensitivity reduction
  • glare sensitivity
  • double vision
  • eyestrain issues
  • depth perception problems
  • color vision reduction, etc.
  • Your ability to read up close and also to see at a distance will be evaluated
  • Transportation, work, school and activities of daily living issues will be evaluated as needed
  • Glare control and illumination evaluations will be completed

According to your individualized needs, various hand held and spectacle mounted optical magnifiers, video magnifiers, telescopic devices, tints/filters, task lamps and dedicated prescription spectacles will be assessed and recommended. Referrals such as Talking books program, in-home rehabilitation teaching, orientation and mobility long cane training, iPhone® accessibility classes, recreation services and occupational therapy may also be made.

How to Best Prepare So You Get the Most out of Your Appointment:

In order to make best use of your time with the doctor, it is important to know which specific activities are important to you. Please think carefully about the activities you are no longer able to partake in that you would still reasonably like to pursue. Then bring samples of these items to your visit. For example, if you are having difficulty with cross-stitch projects, reading a foreign language newspaper or a favorite prayer book, please bring them with you.

We Look Forward to Working with You!