Programs & Activities

All of our programs are designed specifically for our campers and their strengths! But more importantly, our programs bring our community closer together.

“More than the activities, the thing that I love most [about Highbrook] is the people. We are truly a family.” –A camper, age 55

Image of campers playing instruments

Fine Arts

Campers dirty their fingers in a variety of mediums—yarn, clay, paint, wood, and more—to create masterpieces they get to take home after camp!

Performing Arts

From innovative programs like cardio drumming to camp classics like a choir and talent show, our campers have the opportunity to share their unique gifts and abilities with us all.

Campers learning to tie knots around a tree

Environmental, Survival & Conservation (ESC)

Our ESC programs take advantage of our 63-acre property to its fullest! Campers learn how to build shelters, collect and conserve water, cultivate gardens, and become stewards for the environment.

“My favorite thing about camp is the activities, the counselors, the food, my friends, and everything!” –A camper, age 11

Recreation & Athletics

At Highbrook Lodge, we celebrate our campers’ abilities with games of beeper baseball, a bowling league, beeping corn hole, and other accessible and entertaining activities.

Camper swimming in the pool with goggles on


Swimming in our pool is a favorite amongst campers to cool off on the hottest of days! We make safety at the pool a priority with certified lifeguards, a swim test to access the deep-end, a ratio close to 1:1, and life-vests available as needed or desired.

Evening Programs & Campfires

At the end of each day at our beloved Highbrook Lodge, we join together as a group for an evening program and campfire—complete with classic camp songs like Boom Chicka Boom and Princess Pat! Favorite evening programs include Raft-Building, Greek Olympics, Counselor Hunt, and Baseball Night.

Camper holding up a fish they caught while fishing

Special Events & Excursions

In addition to the exciting programs listed above, we also host special events like concerts by Chozen Few Band, travelling animal shows by Jungle Bob, and guest programs from Fieldstone Farms. We also love for our campers to explore the community around them, so we take fishing and canoeing trips at local Geauga County Parks, and excursions to other Geauga County gems.