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School Age Children

Partners for Education
Selecting Cleveland Sight Center to be a partner and resource in your child’s education gives you access to services that are specifically designed for students who are blind or  have a vision impairment, support from professionals who understand vision impairment, and the knowledge and experience of parents who are traveling the same road as you are.

Equally important, Northeast Ohio school districts are familiar with our work and welcome our collegial philosophy and practical assistance. You and your child may encounter a teacher who has never taught a child with little or no eyesight. Every year we offer a special conference in August, before the school year begins, to introduce first time teachers and refresh the knowledge and skills of veterans with the latest research and newest technology that help our school aged children to learn and succeed along side their sighted classmates. Teachers tell us our conference gives them the confidence to make a difference in your child’s life.

We remain available throughout the year, so that you and your teacher can call us for advice and suggestions.

Collaborating with Schools

Every three years your home school district will complete a Multi-Factored Evaluation for your child which establishes or re-establishes your child’s eligibility for specialized educational services. You and school officials will also prepare an Individualized Education Plan annually that determines specific goals for your child. Your school district may contract with us to provide services that implement this plan.

For example, our specially trained Teacher of the Vision Impaired can provide Braille instruction at the school and our Orientation and Mobility Instructor can teach your child how to safely navigate his or her school or community environment. You may also ask your school district to request that Cleveland Sight Center’s low vision specialists test and evaluate your child's remaining vision, recommend assistive technology that could make effective use of that partial vision, and prescribe orientation and mobility training specifically appropriate for your child.

Summer Programs
CSC also provides a wide range of summer activities for school age children, who tell us these experiences are key to their developing confidence and independence. Click on Highbrook Lodge, our unique residential summer camp in Chardon, to learn what’s available this summer, or click on Recreation to learn what professionally supervised activities are available near your home.

Case Management

Each new client is assigned a Case Manager who will help your family by providing information, accessing resources and supporting you as you navigate the school and medical environments. If requested, she can attend your child’s Individual Education Plan meeting with you. 

Exploring Your Options

Families and school districts are invited to contact the Cleveland Sight Center to learn more about how we can help. Please call 216-791-8118 and ask for Sylvia Snyder, Manager of Education. She can answer questions for school age children from five to twenty-two years of age.

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