Picture of a class of students and teacher.

Teachers and Schools

Expert Collaboration
For Northeast Ohio school districts, a partnership with Cleveland Sight Center provides superior services for their students who are blind or have a visual impairement, active parental involvement and support, collegial assistance for teaching staff and an efficient use of school district resources. In August, before each school year begins, we hold a special conference at our headquarters in University Circle for teachers and school personnel whose enrollees include students with vision loss. We continue to be available throughout the year for teachers who would like support, advice and suggestions.

A Specialized Preschool
For children three to five years old, we offer specialized instruction at our Bright Futures preschool at our headquarters. The standard preschool curriculum is enriched with instruction that addresses the needs of children with impaired vision or blindness as well as children who have a secondary disability of vision impairment.

Individualized Education Plans (IEP) are addressed with a developmentally appropriate curriculum which includes the teaching of compensatory skills such as orientation and mobility, pre-Braille and Braille use, self-help, and assistive technology designed specifically to help persons with vision loss.

Elementary through High School
Through individual contracts with school districts, Cleveland Sight Center staff is able to provide a full menu of professional and itinerant services at the school, students’ homes, their neighborhood and community.  Teacher of the Vision Impaired (TVI) provides contracted service to children at the school or in the home, which may include Braille instruction.  Orientation & Mobility Instructor (OMI) provides contracted service to children at the school, home, neighborhood and community.

Summer Programs
Our Preschool Day Camp will run from June 17 to July 18 this year with half-day sessions Monday through Thursday. Additional summer activities held at our own Highbrook Camp may be appropriate for elementary through high school age students.  More information on the programs can be found here.

How to Refer Someone
School districts and or families are invited to contact the Cleveland Sight Center to discuss or observe the preschool program as a possible placement option, or to learn more about any of the listed services. For more information, please call 216-791-8118 and ask for Sylvia Snyder, Manager of Education, Children & Young Adult Services.

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