Volunteer Opportunities

The mission of CSC's Volunteer Services department is to facilitate empowering volunteer opportunities that support and promote the mission and progress of Cleveland Sight Center.


Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities: 

Cleveland Sight Center deeply values the support of our volunteer community. Through our ongoing volunteer opportunities, individuals commit to regular or on-call volunteer roles that support and uplift our programs and services, and enhance the experiences those who are blind or low vision have at Cleveland Sight Center.

See below for a list of ongoing opportunities currently available. Click the heading on each opportunity listed to learn more.

  • Administrative Support, Social Work: Provide behind the scenes support to ensure continued excellence in serving CSC clients.
  • Radio Reader: Record newspapers and magazines to air on CSC’s privatized radio for those with vision loss or blindness.
  • Share the Vision: For those who are well-adjusted to blindness or low vision, share advice and support to encourage those new to vision loss.

-> Ongoing Volunteer Application                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Volunteer Projects: 

For those who are unable to commit to ongoing volunteer positions, Cleveland Sight Center offers volunteer projects that do not require continuous commitment beyond the completion of defined projects.  Those who support volunteer projects contribute to Cleveland Sight Center's mission in critical ways, providing resources that fuel our programs and deeply impact our clients.

See below for any projects currently available. 

  • Fireside Cushions: Make new cushions to keep CSC’s indoor fire circle at camp welcoming and comfy.

-> Volunteer Projects Application


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities: 

Many volunteer opportunities at Cleveland Sight Center happen on a seasonal basis. Learn more about upcoming volunteer needs our organization has below. 


Volunteer Groups: 

CSC hosts volunteer groups of 2-60 to assist with a variety of projects at our organization. Whether working to clean our preschool, outside to prepare the grounds of our camp, adapt materials, or help with events, volunteer groups support hands on and behind the scenes projects that are critical to the success of our organization. To learn more about arranging group volunteer projects contact Melissa at the volunteer office: mmauk@clevelandsightcenter.org, 216-658-4581. Note: Some group project hosting availability may be impacted due to Covid-19.