Volunteer Team

Meet the Volunteer Engagement Team

CSC’s Volunteer Engagement Team was formed to sustain and nurture a rich culture for volunteers at Cleveland Sight Center.

  • Mission Statement: The mission of CSC’s Volunteer Engagement Team is to welcome, support and engage all volunteers and volunteer programs at Cleveland Sight Center and to empower those who are blind or low vision in our community.
  • Vision Statement: We seek to enact our mission by providing a voice and creating an enriching and diverse community for CSC volunteers.


Bobbie Szabo Bobbie Szabo, Recreation Specialist
Bobbie Szabo, CSC’s Recreation Specialist, has been a part of the CSC family in several different ways since 2014; from Highbrook Lodge as a Cabin Leader, to volunteer to her current position, Bobbie has seen how important volunteers are to creating meaningful experiences for CSC’s clients. She is thrilled to be part of the Volunteer Engagement Team. As a Volunteer Placement Officer, she works to place volunteers who help develop and lead innovative and interactive recreational programming. She can often be found sprinting around CSC carrying too many boxes of crafting materials and wearing a silly costume; when she is not doing that, she can be found hoarding odd bits and bobs in the hopes that she can one day use them for a program.

Anoushka GidhAnoushka Gidh
Anoushka Gidh is a second-year pre-medical student studying biology at Case Western Reserve University. As a young girl, she developed an interest in ophthalmology and eye research after her own eye trauma occurred. After conducting research at the Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, she decided to volunteer at Cleveland Sight Center during college to explore the volunteering aspect of the field. As a co-author, Anoushka recently published an article about Conjunctival Squamous Cell Carcinoma. She is also involved in several clubs on campus, enjoys playing tennis, loves meeting new people and eating sushi. As a part of the Volunteer Engagement Team, Anoushka hopes to meet new faces at CSC as well as expand our volunteer community while maintaining an inclusive environment for all.

Sally SurenSally Suren
Sally Suren has been volunteering at Cleveland Sight Center as a Radio Reader since September 2019. She is a retired nurse who also volunteers for the Cleveland Metroparks, the Tinker's Creek Watershed water monitoring program and for Traumatic Players of Cleveland, a group that assists with the training of first responders. Collectively with her volunteer commitments, Sally brings years of volunteer experience to the Volunteer Engagement Team. Aside from volunteering, Sally is a community theater actress and has played parts in over 100 productions. By being on this committee, she hopes to help others enjoy their volunteer experience.

Sandy HuynhSandy Huynh
Sandy Huynh is a third-year pre-health/optometry student studying English and Nutritional Biochemistry & Metabolism at Case Western Reserve University. She first became involved with CSC in high school, when she had the opportunity to intern with CSC’s Volunteer Team. After her bright experience as an intern at CSC, Sandy has since continued to volunteer with the agency in a variety of roles. In her spare time, she is also a virtual volunteer Crisis Counselor and enjoys reading, writing, watching movies and spending time with her family and friends—particularly with her two sisters, one of whom is her identical twin, Mandy. Sandy is especially excited to be a part of the Volunteer Engagement Team and is committed to amplifying the voice of CSC’s vibrant volunteer community.