This Week at CSC

-Keeping you “In the Know…” 3/5/21

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Thankful Clients and Families:

-Check out some feedback recently received about the CSC Early Intervention program and team as well as some comments made by a client to the Volunteer Services team.

-“Thank you for all you do! Cleveland Sight Center has been such a wonderful resource for my son. He endured a traumatic brain injury caused by lack of oxygen to his brain at birth otherwise known as HIE. This resulted in him having cerebral palsy and a vision impairment known as cortical visual impairment. When being told he may never see, we didn’t settle for that and researched how we could help improve his vision. After reaching out and getting connected with CSC and our developmental specialist, who we are so thankful for, we have seen so much improvement! Even during COVID, Barb (Williams) has supplied us with all the encouragement and resources we need to help our son learn to see. Saying we are grateful would be an understatement! We are looking forward to the many more gains he will continue to make with his vision all thanks to CSC.”

-“Our experience with Early Intervention services has been amazing.  Monica (Owen) has been so helpful with strategies and resources to help our little guy grow. We couldn't be more thankful for all the help and support!”

-Some feedback recently shared with the Volunteer team at CSC:
“When you’re blind, you feel like you’re alone even when you’re with other people. The pandemic has made this feeling of isolation so much worse. But programs like meditation have taught me that there are ways to make that feeling go away.” – Leisure and Lifestyle Services Client

What’s Happening at CSC:

-The Call Center handled nearly 2,000 calls on Monday of this week – quite a busy day! The majority of calls were for the Ohio Department of Taxation (it’s tax time!) and the Office of the Secretary of State of Ohio. Keep up the fantastic work, team!

-The teams in Rehabilitation Services and Employment Services continue to be busy with clients as they submitted a total of 179 authorizations in February from Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) to Debbie Ruffin in Central Authorization for input into the ClientCare system. In January, a total of 185 authorizations were submitted and March is off to a fast start already, with 74 authorizations in the first week alone! Once an authorization is in the system, services approved by OOD to a client can begin.   

-The Lorain County Office on Aging and their “The Senior Years” newspaper published an article featuring information about CSC and the Independent Living Older Blind (ILOB) program in their March edition. The newspaper’s distribution is about 6,000 copies each month. The Outreach team connected with the president of Eldercare Professionals of Ohio (EPO) this week. She believes in the programs and services that CSC provides for people and she has extended an invitation for CSC to speak at a future EPO networking virtual and physical meeting.

-Bright Futures Preschool student Harper recently turned four years old and some teachers, classmates and their parents drove by her driveway on Saturday to wish her a happy birthday! Those that participated received a small goody bag from Harper and her family with a thank you note attached, which included a nice gesture encouraging those who are able to consider making a donation to CSC. Happy Birthday, Harper!

-The Volunteer Services team welcomed nine new volunteers to the agency through virtual orientations last month. These volunteers will provide support in creating and leading “Fun Friday” activities for Leisure and Lifestyle Services, teaching a virtual piano class, assisting with administrative tasks in various departments and helping create back-up material for the Cleveland Sight Center Radio Network (CSCN). We are excited to welcome and engage these new volunteers!

-The Facilities team continues to work hard to keep CSC running smoothly and clean. This week they hosted the annual insurance walk-through and inspection of the building and grounds. Additionally, they are working through improvements and upgrades to the software that controls the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system and spring clean-up of the property has begun including some branch and tree removal near the building. 

-Get ready for some engaging programs and activities as the March Leisure and Lifestyle Services activity schedule is now available:

Weekly Activities

10am Stretching and Meditation
6pm Health Chats (3/15) OR Happy Hour Social (3/8, 3/22)

10:30am Ballroom Dance (3/16, 3/30)
11:30am Meditation
5:00pm Yoga

10am Coffee Chat
2pm Improv (3/17, 3/31) OR Jam Session (3/10, 3/24)

10am Activities Vary
2pm Poetry with Katie Daley (3/18) OR Escape from ____ (3/11, 3/25)

10am Fun Fridays
2pm Trivia


Additional Activities

Tuesday, March 9th
Book Discussion at 12pm

Wednesday, March 10th
Sing It Out at 5pm

Friday, March 12th
Quarterly Birthday Party at 6pm

Monday, March 15th
Piano Class at 2pm (Registration required)

Tuesday, March 16th
Music Group at 6:45pm

Thursday, March 18th
Speaker Series: Antarctic Expeditions at 12pm

Monday, March 29th
Poetry with Shayna Sharpe at 1:30pm


Program Highlights

Happy Hour Social
March 8th and March 22nd at 6pm
This social hour is specifically designed for our clients who are working professionals! Know anyone who is interested in recreational programming but cannot attend activities during the day? This is perfect for them!

Escape from ____
March 11th and March 25th at 2pm
Join Occupational Therapy PhD Candidate Erin for the first half of an awesome series of mystery sessions! Do you love Escape Rooms? Clients interested in problem solving and figuring out creative solutions to complex issues are sure to enjoy these programs!

Piano Classes
March 15th at 2pm
We are looking for ONE more client who has a keyboard and is interested in taking beginner keyboard classes virtually! Please contact Bobbie Szabo at 216-659-4597 to sign up.

Speaker Series: Antarctic Expeditions
Thursday, March 18th at 12pm
Have you ever wondered what it is like to participate in a scientific expedition to Antarctica? To found a museum? To be a professional sea farer and travel the globe? The time to find out is now!! Join us for our extra special guest speaker, Dr. Ed Sobey, as he enchants us with tales about his life and travels.

For additional information about the Leisure & Lifestyle Services program offerings, please call the Recreation Information Line at 216-658-4600 or contact Recreation Specialist Bobbie Szabo at 216-658-4597 or

-The Eyedea Shop now has an item of interest for anyone who cooks in the kitchen! How many times have you cut yourself while slicing vegetables, fruit or any other food item? Now that can be avoided with a pair of cut-resistant gloves. They help prevent injury when using a sharp knife or even scissors. Just another way to be safer in the kitchen. They come in small, medium and large sizes. The price is $14.50 per pair.

Items of Note:

-Two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables every day may be enough to reduce overall mortality and death from CVD, cancer and respiratory illness, according to research published in Circulation. To read more, click here.

-The highs and lows of this year’s Australian Open tennis tournament have been delighting fans around the world, especially during global lockdowns. But not everyone is able to enjoy the thrill of live sports in the same way. For the tennis fans among the 600,000 blind and visually impaired people in Australia—and millions more around the world—experiencing sports broadcasts can be underwhelming. Kala Petronijevic, a young girl who has low vision, says her dad has to commentate every move to her. Maurice Gleeson, a blind tennis fan and the CEO of Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria, says: “Tennis, sadly, hasn’t been anywhere near as accessible as I would like.” But, last weekend, the blind and low vision community (BLV) had a brand-new way to experience the men’s and women’s finals. For many months, digital agency AKQA and researchers from Monash University in Melbourne, have been finding a way to make watching tennis more accessible. With investment from Tennis Australia, the country’s tennis governing body, they’ve developed Action Audio, which takes visual, spatial data from the tennis court and converts it into audio. To read more, click here.

-Google has added voice commands and other interactive features to the TalkBack screen reader for Android. TalkBack helps people with impaired vision use Android devices, and Google is implementing the new functions based on requests from the blind and low vision community, further expanding Google’s ongoing expansion of tech accessibility tools. To read more, click here.

-As a reminder, Cleveland Sight Center will continue the Friday main building closure through the end of March. This means that on Fridays, the main building will not be open to staff, clients or walk-ins. Remember, masks on and six feet everyone!

Did You Know:

-On the planet Venus, a day is longer than a year. It takes 243 Earth days for Venus to spin around its axis (that's what denotes a day) but it only takes 225 Earth days for it to travel around the Sun. Learn more about Venus here.