Believe in me...

Shameka smiling

Do you remember what you were like at 14 years old?

At age 14, I was ambitious, confident, eager to learn – I thought I could do anything.

But then, the darkness came. I woke up one morning and my sight was gone.

Thankfully, I was able to attend a school for kids who are blind where I learned basic skills and gained a sense of independence. But all I could think about was – “what’s next?”

I wanted more – to no longer be lonely, to no longer live in fear. Then, Cleveland Sight Center entered my life and my world forever changed.

I was shown that I didn’t have to be afraid. I didn’t have to live the rest of my life staying at home.

After many hours of specialized computer training and learning how to thrive despite my vision impairment, I applied for a position with the Call Center at Cleveland Sight Center and have been employed here for the past 10 years!

I am able to maintain my household, take care of my sons without having to ask someone for help and be a contributing member of the workforce.

Cleveland Sight Center believed in me. Now I'm asking you to believe too.

COVID-19 has exacerbated the fear and loneliness that people who are blind or visually impaired already feel. We can no longer rely on our sense of touch to navigate the world or receive guided help from others.

But, Cleveland Sight Center will help. CSC believes that people who are blind or visually impaired are limitless. That we don’t need to live in fear.

Believe in me.

Your support will help eliminate the barriers that we face - now more than ever. Ensure that when someone else wakes up without their vision, they won’t be alone.

Believe in us, because it’s time that we all thrive.

-Shameka, Call Center Customer Service Representative, Cleveland Sight Center

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