So you’re coming in for a Low Vision Exam? You’re probably wondering what to expect? What can we do for you? What’s next?

Here in the Low Vision Clinic, we understand that sight loss, especially when sudden or unexpected, can be frustrating and scary. We’re here to help.  A low vision exam is all about improving your quality of life.  Even though we are unable to stop or reverse your vision loss, we are able to help you cope with and get the most out of your remaining eye sight. At Cleveland Sight Center we have the services and professionals to help you navigate and live comfortably and confidently with your low vision and it all starts with the Low Vision Exam.

You’ll be seen by one of our technicians for pre-testing shortly after you arrive.  We’ll obtain a medical history and complete any necessary testing such as refractions, pressure checks or visual fields.  Then we’ll assess the glasses and visual aids that you’re currently using. These assessments are helpful for patients with all stages of vision loss and will be the first step in determining what path you can take to meet your vision goals.

Next, it’s time to see one of our doctors. Dr. Lidija Balciunas and Dr. Anna Lisa Katz-Schloss have been at the Low Vision Clinic for several years and specialize in helping patients with low vision. You’ll be in with the doctors for the majority of your visit, about 60-90 minutes. They will ask you several questions related to your vision condition and how it’s affecting your day-to-day life.  In order for the doctors to assist you best, they’ll need your help. This is the time to let them know which specific activities are important to you.  This could be anything from knitting or sewing to just being able to read your mail or medication bottles.  Once they get a good idea of what it is you need, they’ll go over, test out and recommend visual aids such as magnifiers, CCTV’s, lighting, reading glasses, etc. They may also recommend other services we offer here such as Orientation and Mobility classes, White Cane training, Occupational Therapy and more. If they believe a new pair of glasses will be helpful for you, they’ll write out a new prescription as well.

When you’re done with your exam you’ll be given a list of any recommended aids and/or new prescriptions. Our optician will happily help you out in picking a frame that matches your vision needs, budget and unique personality. Our friendly staff at the Eyedea Shop will gladly assist you in getting all of the visual aids on your list. Depending on your individual situation, you may be contacted by another staff member at Cleveland Sight Center, such as a case manager, counselor or therapist regarding other services available to you.

We want you to leave here educated, empowered and equipped with all the necessary goods and services you’ll need to take back control over your vision loss.  We believe you will be more confident with your ability to navigate through life despite your visual impairment after your Low Vision Exam. We’re here and happy to help…call us today at 216-791-8118.