Board of Trustees 

Cleveland Sight Center is governed by a Board of Trustees, consisting of 41 voting Members and led by an Executive Committee consisting of a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, four Vice Chairs and three Chairs of additional committees including Board Development and Governance, Client Services and Development.

CSC is successful due to the engagement of the Board of Trustees. The Board's assistance and voice guide the strategic vision of the organization. To learn more about the Board of Cleveland Sight Center, please contact the Manager of Board Relations at 216-791-8118.

Board of Trustees

Officers and Executive Committee
Beth W. Smith, Chair 
Joan U. Allgood, Secretary 
Wally Anders, Treasurer 
Karen P. Assink, Vice Chair 
Erin C. Ploucha, Vice Chair
Zachary J. Stanley, Vice Chair 
Bonita G. Teeuwen, Immediate Past Chair
Cheryl E. Fields, Chair, Client Services 
Kevin R. McKinnis, Vice Chair

Caitlin Beck 
Sheryl King Benford
Mary H. Bookman 
Brent M. Buckley 
Erin N. Chelune
Robert L. Englander#
Thomas P. Furnas
Michael H. Greenberg, OD
Robert L. Hartford, III 
Lynn V. Heiligenthal-Showalter 
Suber S. Huang, MD 
Peter A. Igel 
Frederick Kuper Jones 
Nathan Kelly
Howard A. Lichtig 
Bruce Loessin 
Beejadi N. Mukunda, MD
Edward Oberndorf
Thomas P. O’Malley
Douglas A. Piper
Ronald E. Posner, MD
Beverly J. Roach
James P. Sacher
Joseph Schafer
Andrew L. Sikorovsky
William L. Spring, Esq. 
G. Maxwell Toole
Kathy Walters 
Myron (Mike) Weissman
Stanley E. Wertheim 
Steven Willensky 

[Trustee Emeritus#] 

Trustee Emeritus
Charles K. Koster, MD*
Victor F. Leanza, PhD*
Scott C. Mueller
Thomas W. Cristal*
Caroline G. Oberndorf*

John M. Saada, Sr.*
Gordon H. Safran
Marilyn J. Tsivitse
Susan H. Kimberly Turben, PhD*
Frances R. Zverina*

(*) Deceased