Unique Approach

We approach each customer with the goal to provide service that exceeds expectation by learning your business need, obtaining the best-in-class infrastructure to meet your requirements, developing customized training for associates that allows them to enthusiastically handle your products, and continuously monitoring services for excellence in delivery. Learn more about our service excellence.


Our solutions are tailored to meet Federal, State and Local government, as well as private industry contact center service and staffing needs. Partners rely on us to provide excellent services today and advise them on solutions for tomorrow. Learn more about our tailored solutions.


Our success is determined by the satisfaction of our customers. Our Government and private industry partners consider us an invaluable resource to meet their requirements. Learn more about customer satisfaction.

Caller Feedback:

"You've been so helpful today, thank you. I thought this was going to be so difficult to get done and you made it so pleasant."

"It's been a pleasure talking to you. Thank you for all your assistance."

"You have been a true life saver, thank you very much!"


  • Located in Ohio, United States of America
  • Staffed by trained professional agents, supervisors and managers
  • Operates on the world-class InfoCision backbone
  • Regularly delivers on all contract metrics
  • Consistently achieves 90%+ caller satisfaction


  • The most accessible call center environment of any call center: location, technology & accommodations
  • Housed inside a nationally-accredited rehabilitation center for those who are blind or visually impaired
  • Low turnover among agents
  • Destination for our labor force, not a waypoint
  • Agents are empathetic to caller needs and concerns
  • Customers gain a social-responsibility story to tell


Call Center services are provided by Cleveland Sight Center employees who are blind or have a disability. Customers who choose Cleveland Sight Center do so because they receive excellent services that happen to be provided by persons who are blind or have a disability. Contracting with Cleveland Sight Center allows persons who are blind or have disabilities find meaningful, competitive employment. People with disabilities have a high unemployment rate (more than 70%) despite the fact they have capabilities that are extremely valuable in the workplace. Contracting with us allows Government agencies to comply with Federal Javitz-Wagner O'Day Act and the Ohio Office of Procurement provisions and allows private business to increase diversity and improve affirmative action reporting.

Cleveland Sight Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, member of the National Industries for the Blind, and registered with the Ohio Department of Administrative Service's Office of Procurement from Community Rehabilitation Programs.