Leisure and Lifestyle Services

Cleveland Sight Center offers recreation programming via our Leisure and Lifestyle Services Department. The mission of the Leisure and Lifestyle Services Department is to provide enriching experiences designed to empower those living with vision loss so that they may have more opportunities to encounter moments of friendship, joy and solidarity. This is achieved through a diverse offering of recreational programs and wellness initiatives.


All adults, aged 18 and over, who are registered clients of CSC are encouraged to experience various recreation programs. First-time attendees interested in our recreation programs should contact Cleveland Sight Center at 216-791-8118 or info@clevelandsightcenter.org to arrange their orientation. Clients who attend our recreation programs can expect to participate in activities that enhance their overall well-being. Our programs are also designed to provide opportunities to socialize and build community with others.

Together, we explore ways to adapt, increase or continue to benefit from healthy and balanced lifestyles. Our clients also strengthen their confidence and self-sufficiency while uncovering new passions. It is our hope that we will continue to expand upon our current program offerings to include more recreation opportunities in the future. Some upcoming programs may include: art classes; meditation & mindfulness sessions; guide dog seminars; diabetes awareness info sessions and more!

For a full list of opportunities, click here.