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Meet the Doctors and Staff

These doctors have numerous years of experience working directly with people who are living with low vision. Their skill and understanding of optometry enhance the remaining vision and opportunities available to patients.

A headshot of Dr. Rackus

Natalee Rackus, O.D.
Clinic Director

Dr. Natalee Rackus graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University in 2021. She completed her residency training in Low Vision Rehabilitation and Ocular Disease in 2022. Dr. Rackus began working at Cleveland Sight Center in 2022 and was appointed Director of the Clinic & Store in 2024. Dr. Rackus cherishes collaborating with patients to help them understand their eye condition and then building on that understanding to identify compensatory strategies and assistive devices to help them reclaim their independence and get back to doing the activities they love. She feels it is so rewarding to help patients of all ages recognize their potential despite the changes they have experienced with their vision. Dr. Rackus values working at Cleveland Sight Center, where a team-based and patient-centered approach is utilized to ensure that the patient receives the best possible care and assistance with access to services. 

A headshot of Dr. Lidija Balciunas, O.D.

Lidija Balciunas, O.D.
Clinical Manager

Dr. Lidija Balciunas graduated from the Ohio State University’s College of Optometry in 1987, and has spent the last 25 years of her professional career working with Cleveland Sight Center. She enjoys having the opportunity to work in an agency that provides and makes available comprehensive rehabilitation services to blind and visually impaired persons all under one roof. She feels fortunate that at CSC, there’s access to grant programs and funds allowing us to appropriate the recommended aids, adaptations and services necessary for optimal restoration of function and quality of life. Dr. Balciunas appreciates being involved in the process of partnering with patients to find solutions for increased independence, improved function and general restoration of a sense of well-being to those who are facing sight loss is very satisfying and humbling. “Our patients are remarkable people and they inspire me daily,” she says.

A headshot of Dr. Annalisa Katz Schloss, O.D.

Annalisa Katz Schloss, O.D.

Dr. Annalisa Katz-Schloss graduated from the SUNY College of Optometry, and has been working at CSC since 2007. She appreciates working at Cleveland Sight Center as it affords the opportunity to work as a team with other professionals who are passionate, talented and interested in taking care of blind or low vision patients. She feels grateful to be able to both share ideas as well as learn from her CSC colleagues as “together, we are able to provide comprehensive rehabilitative care to our patients.” Dr. Katz enjoys meeting the patients with their family members and educating all members about the specific eye condition they are struggling with. “Frequently, both patients and their family have questions that I am happy to answer,” she says. Another bonus of working in the realm of low vision is always being exposed to and learning new information about eye diseases and current treatments.

A headshot of Dr. Beth WorkmanBeth Workman, O.D.

Dr. Beth Workman graduated from the Ohio State University College of Optometry in 1975.  She began practicing optometry at the Cleveland Clinic Department of Ophthalmology and continued there for 12 years.  She was in a private practice partnership in Lorain, Ohio for nearly 20 years. Since then, Beth worked in different settings and learned something from every experience. She was appointed by the Governor to serve on the State Board of Optometry for 10 years. Beth was active in other professional organizations on both the state and national level. Beth participated in speaking and education programs and worked with elementary school students and senior citizens. She joined Cleveland Sight Center in March 2023 and feels like she has found her niche. Patient education has always been as important to Beth as the actual testing of the patient. Here at CSC, she is able to do both.  Beth enjoys spending time with her patients and their families and insuring that they are well-informed of their visual conditions. At CSC, time is allowed to educate, demonstrate and discuss options so the treatment plan allows us to arrive at solutions that best serve their unique and specific needs. “Working with a team of dedicated professionals is ideal and we all share the common goal of finding the best solutions for each patient,” Beth said. “The camaraderie and support of all staff at Cleveland Sight Center make it a wonderful place to work, but also a quality experience for our patients and clients.”

A headshot of Erin St. Denis, OTR/L

Erin St. Denis, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist

Erin St. Denis, OTR/L, CLVT is a graduate of Miami University and received her Certificate of Occupational Therapy from Cleveland State University in 1996. She is also a Certified Low Vision Therapist. Erin started working at Cleveland Sight Center in 2002, providing coverage for Early Intervention and Preschool summer programs. In 2005, she came on board full time with CSC and has provided services for our Children and Young Adults and Vision Rehabilitation Departments. She now works full time in our Clinic.

Erin specializes in evaluating and training patients with low vision in the areas of reading, including skills with digital magnifiers and CCTV technology, lighting, contrast, glare control, activities of daily living and iPhone accessibility skills. Erin’s passion is working with the team to find solutions and resources to help our patients adjust to vision loss and reach their goals to live more fulfilling and independent lives. Erin says, “The moments you help someone find a solution that restores their ability to do something for themselves, like being able to read mail, warm a meal or make a call using Siri, are the very best! Something that seems so simple can have a tremendous impact on a person’s independence and quality of life!”

A headshot of Tony Becker

Tony Becker

Tony Becker is a licensed Dispensing Optician in the Clinic. He has been at Cleveland Sight Center since 2017 and has been making/selling eyeglasses for over 30 years. He enjoys working with great coworkers and finds that “the smile or handshake or hug I get when I help a patient with their sight” is the most rewarding aspect of his job.


A headshot of Tim Paden

Tim Paden
Optometric Technician / Apprentice Optician

Tim Paden is an Optometric Technician / Apprentice Optician. He's currently working on becoming a licensed optician. With eight years of experience in the eye industry, Tim loves working with patients to find the best solutions for all their vision needs.



A headshot of Jessica SuckartJessica Suckart
Clinic Case Manager

Jessica Suckart graduated from Cleveland State University with her bachelor's degree in social work and became a licensed Social Worker in 2020. She began working at Cleveland Sight Center in 2021 as a Case Manager and Program Coordinator for the Share the Vision Support Program. Currently, her role includes Clinic Case Manager. Jessica is passionate about providing support and guidance to her clients. She enjoys being part of the Cleveland Sight Center and clinic team. 


Other related services and staff

Jim Hlavaty
Manager of Client Registration

Scott Williams-Riseng, COMS
Orientation & Mobility Instructor