Bioptic Lenses

“I’ve been wearing bioptics since 1989. They are life changing. My vision would be 20/200 without them and 20/30 with them. I can read the computer and small print now. Thank you Cleveland Sight Center”
- CSC Client

What are bioptics?

They are miniature telescopes mounted to the top of eyeglasses.

How do bioptics improve vision?

Bioptics make the image larger and lets many low vision individuals see clearer and further away.

Am I a candidate for bioptics?

If you answer yes to the below questions, you may be a candidate:

  1. Is your vision loss due to macular degeneration or a similar disorder that causes loss of central vision?
  2. Is your vision in your better eye 20/300 or better?
  3. Are you able to read the headlines in a newspaper?
  4. Are you able to watch television and/or recognize people’s faces from further than 2 feet?

If you are interested in bioptic glasses, please make your low vision appointment with Dr. Lidija Balciunas by calling 216-658-4685.

Unfortunately, bioptics are not covered by insurance. There is a $150.00 non-refundable fitting fee if the glasses are not ordered day of exam. This fee, however, will be applied to the purchase of your bioptic glasses if you choose to proceed with the bioptic eyeglass order.

For more information, call 216-658-4685.