Community Outreach and Education

Cleveland Sight Center’s Outreach team offers a variety of informative, impactful and engaging eye-related presentations to groups and schools within the agency’s service area. They also provide an informative presentation and interactive training class on how to best interact with people who have vision loss or what to do when you meet a person who is blind.

Current Presentation Topics

  • Tips, Techniques and Tools to Live Better with Vision Loss (Tips Talk)
  • The Aging Eye
  • Blindness Basics (What to Do When You Meet a Person with Vision loss or blind)
  • What’s New with Assistive Technology

Presentations are available to people who have vision loss, senior centers, assisted living facilities, medical professionals and facilities, emergency resonders, teachers and students, caregivers or anyone who works with any segment of the general public. For specific details on each program, please click here to review.

CSC’s presenters are well-versed in all of these presentation topics. Presentations often take a hybrid approach as many of the themed talks are intermingled with other related topics of interest and the team takes the time to answer questions that may arise during inspiring talks. Their message of hope, help and independence is integrated into each of the presentations.

To learn more about any of these programs or to schedule a program, contact the Outreach team at 216-791-8118 or

Meet the Outreach Team

With over 20 years of cumulative experience providing helpful and valuable information to clients and the community, our team has over 20 cumulative years of experience in helping people at Cleveland Sight Center by providing information to groups of people who have vision loss and to those who provide support services to them through Blindness Basics training classes.

Alicia Howerton

Alicia Howerton, Community Relations Specialist, has been a hope-giving employee who has worked in various capacities at CSC since 2010 and has been visually impaired for about 40 years.



Tom SawyerTom Sawyer, Outreach Specialist, has been an assistive technology resource at CSC since 2008 who actively follows new and emerging technologies to inform people who have vision loss of technologies.