Education and Advocacy

Cleveland Sight Center’s Education and Advocacy team offers a variety of informative, impactful and interactive trainings to groups within the agency’s service area. 

Current Presentation Topics

  • Blindness Basics: Best Practices for Engaging and serving an Individual Who is Visually Impaired:
    This training involves an engaging and informative PowerPoint that informs the audience on the range of vision loss an individual may experience living in our visual world. An overview of blindness etiquette will be presented so participants will feel equipped when interacting with a person who is visually impaired (VI) or blind. Learn how to greet, communicate, & verbally describe environments and actions when engaging with an individual who is VI/blind. The training will provide examples on how one can adapt various environments, meetings, documents, and behaviors to maximize accessibility and inclusivity. Finally, participants will be instructed in Human Guide and can participate in an under-blindfold activity with a partner to practice the technique. All participants will receive a unique Cleveland Sight Center pen & folder with helpful resources to reference after the training.

Presentations are available to people who have vision loss, senior centers, assisted living facilities, medical professionals and facilities, emergency responders, caregivers or anyone who works with any segment of the general public.

To learn more about any of these programs, contact us at 216-791-8118 or