Relevant Articles

Enhanced research and ever-changing technology contribute to an improved understanding of visual impairments and their treatment. Below are recent findings that impact Cleveland Sight Center and its clients.

Smart Business Cleveland

CSC is featured in Smart Business Cleveland. The article showcases CSC’s programs, services and our vital role in securing employment opportunities.

13-Year-Old Creates Braille Printer

As part of a school science fair project, a 13-year-old invented a Braille printer using Legos. 

iPad Braille App

A touchscreen Braille writer, developed during a Stanford engineering summer course, is now an app that turns an iPad into an invaluable tool for people who are blind or have low vision. Read about the iPad Braille App.

Mascular Degeneration Contact Lenses

A new type of contact lenses is being developed, which serve as magnifiers for those with low vision and age-related macular degeneration. Learn more about the contact lenses for macular degeneration.

The Enactive Torch

A new type of sensor that could help those who are blind or have low vision is in the works. The Enactive Torch is a handheld device that sends out infrared signals which enable the user to sense nearby objects, thanks to a small buzzer attached to the wrist which alerts users of approaching objects, such as a door frame or wall.  

Argus II

The Argus II implant helps a now former blind man to see for the first time in over 30 years.