CSC visionaries established the agency's endowment in 1920 and through generous philanthropic commitments it has experienced steady growth. CSC's endowment provides a reliable and necessary stream of income, which helps fund various client services. Our need is great in this area because most of our clients do not have the financial ability to pay and there is a significant lack of funding from government and insurance providers. So, we bridge that gap with endowment income...without it our clients would suffer. Find out how you can support this sustainable source for clients by making a legacy gift. Contact CSC's Development Office at 216-791-8118. 

Endowment Gifts Sustain Client Services

In 1918, Caesar A. Grasselli, a generous Cleveland philanthropist and loyal supporter of Cleveland Sight Center, donated a family residence on East 55th Street which became CSC’s first permanent home. That gift provided a strong foundation upon which many of today’s client successes have been built. In 1920, Mr. Grasselli made a $10,000 founding contribution to establish CSC’s endowment.

Today’s endowment is used to sustain services to clients. It provides a necessary and permanent flow of income that will forever be a source of funding for our many programs and services. While it is strong at $78 million ($63 million held by CSC and $15 million in beneficial trusts held by others), our need remains great in this area to ensure programs and services continue to thrive and make a difference daily in the lives of our clients.

The Edwin T. and Mary E. Hamilton Fund was established in 1960 by Miss Florence Hamilton in memory of her parents, who are the fund’s namesake. For over 55 years, CSC programs have received an annual distribution from this memorial endowment, which is held by the Cleveland Foundation. This year’s distribution was $100,000. Key service programs benefit each year from the Hamilton endowment and other funds that have been established within the CSC endowment.

Think about how you might leave your own legacy or honor a loved one with an endowment gift to help sustain client services in perpetuity. Find out more by contacting our Development Office at 216-791-8118 and like Mr. Grasselli and Miss Hamilton, you too can add your name to the growing list of those who care deeply and take action today to make a difference tomorrow in the life of someone who is blind.