Early Intervention FAQs

Who is eligible for Early Intervention services?

CSC’s Early Intervention services are for children, 0-35 months of age, who have concerns about vision loss, have a visual impairment and/or blindness.  On a child’s third birthday, intervention services become the responsibility of the child’s school district. 

Who can make referrals to CSC for Early Intervention Services?

Anyone can make a referral.  Many of our referrals come from eye doctors, hospitals, private medical providers, county Early Intervention providers such as Bright Beginnings, family members or parents. 

Is there a cost for CSC’s Early Intervention Services?

No, there is no cost to families.  Currently, CSC has a contract with Ohio’s Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) which supports the funding of our program. 

How are Early Intervention services provided, in-person or virtually?

Prior to covid-19, all of our services were provided in-person in the families’ homes.  Since covid-19, we have the flexibility of providing in-person visits as well as virtual visits.  We are following CDC guidelines and could alter our in-person or virtual service policies as health and safety conditions may change over time.