Blog: New Year's Resolutions

It’s hard to believe it, but the new year is practically upon us! While the new year gives us pause to reflect on the previous year, it’s also time to think to the future and how we want to improve. We have some ideas for new year’s resolutions to make the world more accessible:

#1 Volunteer for a cause that matters to you

Volunteering can be a rewarding way to spend your spare time! Many organizations have a variety of ways to get involved with their mission. At CSC, we have options for everyone – we even had Santa volunteer his time this year! From fun recreational activities to peer mentorship, and radio reading to office work, we have opportunities for everyone and their skill sets. To apply to become a volunteer at CSC, visit this link:

#2 Charitable donations

Want this new year to be full of giving back? If you have the resources, there are so many worthy organizations to donate to in Northeast Ohio. Some places, like CSC, accept many forms of donations, not just money. CSC accepts donations in the form of stock, IRA and DAF gifts and old eye glasses as well. Learn more about how you can support:

#3 Make and keep your doctor appointments

It can be a chore, but you are worth the effort it takes to stay healthy. For any vision concerns, see your eye care specialist. When glasses are no longer enough, make an appointment at CSC’s Clinic! Contact Registration to make an appointment at 216-658-4685 or email

#4 Learn a new hobby

There’s nothing like picking up a new skill, no matter your age! CSC’s Leisure and Lifestyle program focuses on introducing members of the blind and visually impaired community to new activities through weekly recreational programming and field trips. From art, piano, cooking and dance classes, there are quite a few options for those looking to pick up a new hobby! For more information on upcoming programs at CSC, email