New Advances in Technology

Cleveland Sight Center is devoted to helping people understand and obtain access to these new technologies. There are ongoing developments all over the world aimed to improve the livelihood of those who are blind or have low vision that we will highlight below.

Sony wants to help low-vision users enjoy photography by shining lasers in their eyes

A new viewfinder housing from QD Laser for the DSC-HX99 point-and-shoot camera uses retinal lasers to help people see clearly through it, and Sony is helping foot the bill. Read more.

Display calculation tool makes digital reading accessible for patients with low vision

Researchers have developed a step-by-step calculation procedure to determine the appropriate digital reading display for individuals with low vision, according to a study published in Optometry and Vision Science. Read More.

"Smart" walking stick helps guide visually impaired grocery shoppers

The walking stick resembles a cane, but it is a bit different. For one, it has a camera and uses computer vision technology, helping it map and catalog its environment. It can then guide users by using vibrations in the handle and with spoken directions. The walking stick is still in development, so it’s currently not available for purchase. Read more.

13 Must-Have Apps for Blind or Visually Impaired People 

Owning and operating a smartphone can make life so much easier for members of the visually impaired community. This article lists apps that could allow more autonomy for those with vision loss who need some assistance in their daily lives. Read more.

Smart Contact Lenses Have Potential to Monitor, Treat Glaucoma

A team of Cleveland Clinic researchers is developing an “intelligent” contact lens to measure intraocular pressure (IOP) throughout the day. Read more.

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What's New in JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2023 Public Beta

Check out what is new and upcoming for accessibility software in 2023. Read more.

App Uses 3D Sound as Navigational Tool

“We're trying to make something very simple where you get the 3D sound from the correct direction. You turn in the direction that the sound is coming from, and then you're good to go,” SonarVision Co-Founder and CEO Nathan Daix told Euronews Next. Read more.

New Accessibility Features with iOS16

iOS16 enhances iPhone with all‑new personalization features, deeper intelligence, and seamless ways to communicate and share. Learn more.