New Advances in Technology

Cleveland Sight Center is devoted to helping people understand and obtain access to these new technologies. There are ongoing developments all over the world aimed to improve the livelihood of those who are blind or have low vision that we will highlight below.

envision glasses

‘Hey Sonos’: Smart speaker maker is launching its own version of Siri

The company won’t record user audio commands or depends on the cloud to process them. Everything will happen on the device and its wake word will be “Hey Sonos.” Read more.

The Amazing Practical Utility of the iPhone’s Live Text Feature

With Live Text, an iPhone with iOS 14 or higher can quickly and automatically recognize text in almost any image: a screenshot, a photo, or even live in the iPhone’s camera app. This feature should work with VoiceOver, but the article didn’t mention that aspect. Read more.

AI Could Improve Tech Designed to Aid the Visually Impaired

Remoted Sight Assistance (RSA) helps people with low or no vision navigate various tasks that require sight by connecting them with human agents via a video call on their smartphones. However, limitations in existing computer vision technologies mean that they can’t fully support an agent fulfilling certain requests, such as recognizing flight information on an airport’s digital screen or reading instructions on a medicine bottle. Read more