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February 16, 2015
TEAM V.I.P.E.R. COMPLETES ROWING SEASON CSC’s rowing group, Team V.I.P.E.R. (Visually Impaired Persons Enjoying Rowing) completed their season on Saturday, August 22 nd with the Western Reserve Rowing Association (WRRA) Regatta. Alicia Howerton, Stanley Griffin and Desmond Kennedy competed in the day’s races. CSC’s teams had a lot of support...

CSC Hosting a Virtual Open House for Work-At-Home Jobs

February 16, 2015
Cleveland Sight Center will hold a virtual open house for Work-At-Home job openings on Friday August 23rd at 10am and 1pm. Attend this webinar learn more about current job openings. Topics will include an overview of the in-bound customer service positions, skill requirements, technical requirements, pay, benefits and how to...

CSC Featured in Smart Business Cleveland

February 2, 2015
Smart Business Cleveland has published a story on Cleveland Sight Center. The Smart Business Cleveland article showcases CSC’s programs, services and our vital role in securing employment opportunities. This section of Smart Business Cleveland highlights a non-profit organization's efforts to build partnerships between the agency and the business community and...

New Tax-Free Savings Account for Disability Expenses

January 6, 2015
In mid-December, Congress enacted, and President Obama has now signed, legislation called the ABLE ( A chieving a B etter L ife E xperience) Act. For years Congress has not recognized that it takes a lot of money to care for a disabled child and has not afforded all of...

Holiday Basket Program a Success!

December 12, 2014
Police officers from local communities stopped by Cleveland Sight Center Friday morning to pick up holiday baskets for special delivery to residents in the Cleveland area. Over 150 baskets, stuffed with holiday treats including frozen turkeys and pumpkin pies, were provided by Cleveland Sight Center. Participating in the delivery program...

Dr. Friedman's Plain Dealer article about 'Growing Up Fisher'

March 6, 2014
Prime-time TV viewers have been introduced to Mel Fisher, the character who is blind in an NBC series, “ Growing Up Fisher .” Mel, played by actor J.K. Simmons, is a lawyer and all-around good dad who never let his disability stop him from achieving a full life. There are...


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