Meet Case for Sight

Image of case for sight students eating under blindfold at dinner in the darkAs a powerful advocacy group on Case Western Reserve University’s campus, Case For Sight has dedicated itself to raising awareness, volunteering, and fundraising for Cleveland Sight Center. Case For Sight (CFS) is a pre-ophthalmology group and vision advocacy student organization based in service, fundraising and education for CWRU’s students and the larger Cleveland community. More recently, CFS has focused on offering its organization members volunteer and fundraising opportunities at Cleveland Sight Center (CSC).

Within the past year, the group has raised nearly $2,000, even during COVID-19! By educating the general public on what it means to have low vision or blindness, the group is able to encourage others to support CSC and its mission. In previous years, CFS hosted a fundraising event called Dinner in the Dark, which is a way to raise funds for CSC and educate people about the obstacles those with blindness may face by offering blindfolds to its guests while providing dinner. By eating blindfolded, guests are able to experience how communication is crucial for those with low vision. CSC volunteers, families, and staff attend this annual event.

CFS co-presidents Anoushka Gidh and Charles Guo are passionate about ophthalmology and advocacy and are the organizers of the organization and its events along with the talented and dedicated executive board members. CFS dedicates so much time to CSC because of the message that CSC supports and the people at CSC. The co-presidents expressed, “The most meaningful experiences while volunteering are meeting and working alongside people at CSC – they are all so positive and enthusiastic and it makes all the difference.” Not only do they love to support CSC, but they also hold many other events for fun activities and that help raise awareness.

Case For Sight’s most meaningful event this year was a Disability Dialogue. With over 50 people attending, the CWRU community with students, faculty and staff were able to have an open conversation about the challenges that those with disabilities face on a daily basis around campus. After having this conversation, CFS and other advocacy groups on campus proposed campus-wide changes that could improve these issues and make change in the community. While these more serious conversations could be had, CFS has had safe and socially distanced meet and greets where CWRU students are able to meet up, raise money through selling food, and have a relaxing break from studying! Case For Sight events are aimed to involve the whole campus and the larger community and look forward to getting back to in-person volunteering and seeing everyone again!

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