Meet Marlene and Darrell

Marlene and Darrell Smith are longtime supporters and friends of Cleveland Sight Center. Below, Marlene details her experience with CSC as a client’s parent, employee, and donor.

"Cleveland Sight Center was our lifeline when we moved from Washington, D.C. to Cleveland. Our son, Brian, was in 7th grade and he needed everything: braille textbooks, mobility (white cane and orientation) training in a new school, and people who cared and listened to his concerns. We received this support at CSC all the way until he received his college degree in math and computer science.

The Braille Department at Cleveland Sight Center was exceptional, with volunteers certified from the Library of Congress in literary braille to those also certified in math and computer science.  They translated anything from bus schedules to language textbooks into braille.  Because of our son, I received my braille certification and later accepted the position as Coordinator of Braille Services at CSC which I held for seven years.  It was a hard position to leave because I admired these selfless volunteers full of so much knowledge. 

The Braille Department supported Ohio students but also filled outside state requests for material from early readers to college texts.  Today, the Braille Department continues to support staff and client requests whether work related or on a personal note.  

Our son passed away from cancer in 2010.  CSC Braille Services, along with other services, made it possible for him to learn and grow into a happy, healthy and independent adult. He loved to read and he loved knowledge. In his honor, we continue to donate to CSC to ensure client needs are met and their life is enhanced, just as braille enhanced our sons."

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