Meet Michael

Image of MichaelCleveland Sight Center provides programs and services to people of all ages (0-100) that are designed specifically for each person to reach his or her individual goals. Each individual has a unique experience based on their vision-related challenges, needs and goals. Michael Brown is the perfect example of this.

Michael is an Employment Specialist at Cleveland Sight Center. He works with clients to find and maintain employment by connecting them with area job placements and teaching them the skills they need to thrive within their positions. But, this is not the first time Michael became involved with Cleveland Sight Center.

Michael has known Cleveland Sight Center since he was a youngster, receiving services from staff of the agency since the age of four. He was born with an eye condition that resulted in him having 20/200 vision in one eye and 20/600 in the other. He often describes his vision as blurred, like having Vaseline smeared over his visual field.

When he first came to Cleveland Sight Center, he and his family worked with a case manager in the children’s department to learn more about accessible materials. He remembers receiving large print books from CSC to help him learn to read. As he continued to age and grow into boyhood and eventually manhood, CSC staff were by his side.

“Cleveland Sight Center grows with you,” Michael said.

As he grew into the different stages of his life, he learned how to use assistive technology, attended college prep programs, learned how to advocate for himself, and made a lot of friends along the way.

“Cleveland Sight Center gave me the encouragement I needed to know I am not alone. I have support and there is a place for me in society,” Michael said.

He looks forward to continuing to help job seekers find competitive employment where they fit in and can contribute to their fullest potential. Based on his experience, he truly believes that Cleveland Sight Center doesn’t put people in boxes because of their vision challenges. He believes that CSC breaks down the barriers that society puts on people who are blind and visually impaired and then shows them the tools they need to live the life of independence they want.

“Cleveland Sight Center doesn’t just teach you how to open a can of soup with a can opener – they teach you how to make your own homemade soup. Instead of bagging groceries, they give you the tools to manage your own store,” Michael said.

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