Meet Reese

Reese was born in March 2021 through a normal pregnancy, although her family began to notice abnormal eye movements when she was 3 months old. A month later she was diagnosed with Osteopetrosis and Optic Nerve Hypoplasia meaning her optic nerves did not form properly, resulting in her having no eyesight.

When Reese’s mom, Summer, found out Reese was completely blind, she panicked. She didn’t know how they would get through each day.

However, upon learning about Cleveland Sight Center and frequent house visits from our Early Intervention (EI) Specialists, her outlook changed.
“Cleveland Sight Center has changed our life. We’ve learned how to help Reese grow, how to help her move, interact with others, and adjust daily activities to her needs,” Summer said.

Reese and Summer have been working with our EI Specialists for about a year now and Reese is meeting all of her developmental milestones. The knowledge, creativity (like suggesting Reese wear socks less so she can get around easier), and support our staff have provided has helped Summer be confident and excited about Reese’s future.

“We’ve seen a lot of improvement with Reese. We now know what we need to know to help Reese grow and navigate life. This experience has really opened my eyes to what people who are blind can do. They can really do almost anything a sighted person can do, just with a little extra help,” Summer said.


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