Meet the Weissmans

A photo of Mike and Fran Weissman smiling together with Cleveland Sight Center baseball caps on.

Those immersed in the Cleveland Sight Center (CSC) community may recognize Mike and Fran Weissman as the devoted volunteers, donors and true ambassadors of CSC they are.

Their involvement with CSC began in 2005 when Mike first auditioned to be a Radio Reading Volunteer. Since then, Mike’s role expanded as he joined a committee pivotal in launching CSC's Call Center, now employing around 60 individuals of all abilities nationwide. In 2015, Mike was elected to CSC's Board of Trustees. This year, 19 years after first walking into Cleveland Sight Center’s doors, they’re the leaders behind White Cane Walk’s most successful fundraising team: Weissman Strollers!

For Mike and Fran, giving back through CSC and other causes is a core value. Fran is a founding member of the Cleveland chapter of the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities, and to this day remains passionate about supporting children with learning disabilities. They both have found joy in supporting and involving their loved ones in CSC's annual White Cane Walk, a tangible way to showcase CSC’s impact. 

“We’ve let our friends and relatives know how important the work is that Cleveland Sight Center does,” said Fran. “By inviting them to White Cane Walk, they can see for themselves what is so worthwhile.”

This year, the Weissman Strollers lead their most successful fundraising endeavors yet. What began as a goal of $7,500 blossomed into something extraordinary, fueled by the boundless generosity of their community. With nearly $19,000 raised at the time of publishing, their efforts surpassed all expectations, a testament to the power of collective action.

These funds, alongside contributions from other teams, will provide crucial support and tools to our clients.

“We feel Cleveland Sight Center is such an important place,” said Mike. “Maybe you don't need it. Hopefully, you and your family will never need it. But I'm sure you know friends, either now or in the future, who you'll meet and could use Cleveland Sight Center's services. Come on down, have a good time, see the building and see what they have to offer.”

At White Cane Walk, you can do exactly that. Participants at White Cane Walk can have fun with their whole family and get to know CSC’s mission through themed activities while immersing themselves in the community CSC serves.

“I've never, ever met a nonprofit whose staff was so terrific,” said Mike.  “I mean, not only do they do their job professionally, but they're just a wonderful group of people who really care!”

Cleveland Sight Center’s community is full of wonderful people like Mike and Fran Weissman, and we can’t wait for everyone to get together at White Cane Walk this year! A special thank you goes out to Mike and Fran for their decade’s long commitment to Cleveland Sight Center. White Cane Walk wouldn’t be the same without you!