Private and Public School Presentation Requests

Private and Public School Presentation Requests:

The Education and Advocacy Department can be available to present to your K-12th grade classroom. Presentations are usually requested for themes that cover disability inclusion. Our engaging, hands-on presentations are typically an hour in length and provide students with opportunities to explore adapted educational materials, learn about the braille code, blindness etiquette and how to best interact and communicate with individuals who are visually impaired. Presentations also include hearing from an individual living with low vision or blindness and students having opportunities to ask questions. Three members of the education and advocacy staff stand to speak in front of an audience.

Topics may vary based on needs, but may include:

  • Introduction to compensatory skills
  • Low vision tools
  • Assistive technology
  • Adaptations a person with vision loss or blindness may use to navigate the visual world

Our presenters are experienced educators who will tailor content to be appropriate and fun for all age groups. Presentation requests will be fulfilled based on availability of our staff. We kindly request a minimum of a $25 donation at this link. Please add "School Presentation" in the comment box before checking out. 

Please email or call Kristen Callahan directly at 216-658-8774 for requests and availability.