Early Intervention

What are “Early Intervention” services, and what do they look like?

“Early Intervention” is a term that refers to birth to three services across the state for children with delays in their development or who have a documented disability. In Ohio, these services are provided through the local counties in which the families reside through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

In addition to the statewide/county services, Cleveland Sight Center offers its own Early Intervention services specifically to children (birth to age 3) whose parents have concerns about their child’s vision, those with documented visual impairments or those who are blind. A Case Manager would register the child/family over the phone and then assign the family to one of our early intervention specialists. Our early intervention specialists provide services in the family’s home, collaborate with eye doctors and other community providers, and provide the family with helpful strategies, education and resources. These services occur at regular home visits which are coordinated individually with each family. These visits continue up until the child’s third birthday, if needed. Our early intervention specialists and case manager will also assist the family with preparing for the “transition” to preschool services as the child approaches his or her third birthday.

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What kind of toys do I buy for my young child with low vision or blindness?

Young children who are blind or have low vision enjoy playing with many of the same toys that are enjoyed by sighted children. There are some key variables to consider, however, when selecting toys. Often children who are lacking in one sensory system (vision) use their other senses in a highlighted manner to explore their world. Therefore, many blind children enjoy toys with interesting sounds, textures, gadgets to manipulate, or even smells (scented markers, scented playdough). Children with low vision often love toys that are brightly lit and contain some kind of movement within the lighting. For suggestions and guides to purchase toys for children, see below.

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